Die neuste Torpedo Remote Software 3.1.2 ist ab sofort weltweit erhältlich. Öffne einfach dein Torpedo Remote und das Update wird automatisch gestartet. Diese Version fügt den Arcade Mode und Reverb für Live und CAB Users hinzu!

Hier sind die Download Links:



Torpedo Remote V3.1 changelog:


  • Live/CAB: Added the Reverb effect (8 different rooms)
  • Live/CAB: Added the Arcade mode, allowing simplified edition of the audio parameters
  • Live/CAB: Added a filtering and search tool in the Edit and Memory Manager windows
  • Live/CAB: Better integration of the Preview and Boutique functionalities in the Edit window
  • Live/CAB: Factory Reset available from the menu
  • Live/CAB: Cab descriptions available offline
  • VB101/Studio: Bug in the Send Preview function solved
  • Rare cases of authentication problems solved
  • Rare cases of crashes when scanning new license files solved
  • Various small bugs corrected


Torpedo CAB and Live V3 changelog :

  • Added Reverb effect (8 different rooms)
  • Added Arcade mode and presets, allowing simplified edition of the audio parameters
  • Increased preset memory: 128 presets separated in two banks, the Arcade bank (presets A01 to A64) and the Simulation bank (presets S01 to S64)
  • Increased preset name size, up to 32 characters
  • Various small bugs corrected.


Torpedo VB-101 and Studio V3.36 Changelog:

  • Corrected a bug that could cause the wrong parameters to be loaded when switching from a preset with Link to a preset without Link
  • Corrected a bug on the transmission of the Power Amp Volume parameter when switching presets
  • Corrected a bug that could prevent the device to connect to the Torpedo Remote software


Torpedo Remote :

  • v3.1.2 (2015-10-14)
  • Live/CAB: new filtering tool in the Memory Manager
  • Live/CAB: factory reset available from the menu
  • Live/CAB: cab descriptions available offline
  • Live/CAB: Error when migrating presets solved
  • Live/CAB: Preset conversion (Simulation/Arcade) improved
  • Live/CAB: Wrong cab image loaded solved
  • Live/CAB: Preset name length increased
  • Live/CAB: Arcade display improved to 32 characters
  • Live/CAB: Preset saving issues solved
  • Live/CAB/VB101/Studio: Send preview error solved
  • Live/CAB/Studio/VB101 :  Authentication problems appearing in rare cases solved.
  • Live/CAB/Studio/VB101 : crash when scanning new licenses in some cases solved
  • Live/CAB/Studio/VB101 : Minor display bugs corrected.