RME M-1620 Pro

RME unveils the M-1620 Pro (Milan®) and M-1620 Pro D (Dante®) converters

The M-1620 Pro is a cutting-edge device from RME that converts 16 analog line-level signals (switchable up to +24 dBu per channel) to and from MADI, ADAT®, and either Milan or Dante network technology (M-1620 Pro D). The innovative device features a newly developed front panel that combines LED level meters with a display and includes two separate headphone outputs for monitoring. The device is housed in a 19-inch rack, with a single height. Its state-of-the-art converters and flexible internal routing make it a pioneer in any audio network.

Designed for reliability and redundancy

RME puts a lot of emphasis on reliability and equips the M-1620 Pro with built-in redundancy. In addition to the internal AC power supply, there are two network and two MADI connections as well as a monitored DC input. A unique system clearly signals when a problem occurs, ensuring smooth operation. Full standalone capability allows users to adjust the unit's settings directly on the unit. This allows them to quickly make changes or recall entire user-defined presets.

The M-1620 Pro offers advanced features that allow you to manually configure the converter's aliasing filters for optimal impulse and frequency response. SteadyClock FS effectively reduces jitter in digital input signals. Separate Word Clock BNC and coaxial MADI connectors, as well as optional optical MADI connections via an SFP module, make it easy to integrate the device into an existing infrastructure.

With Dante

By popular demand, the M-1620 Pro D features 64 channels of Dante connectivity, allowing direct connection to other audio devices via standard Ethernet switches. If redundancy is not required, the unit itself can act as a switch, allowing multiple Dante devices to be daisy-chained. Audinate's Dante Virtual Soundcard™ (not included) allows recording and playback of up to 64 channels of the M-1620's analog and digital I/O on a computer.

...or with Milan?

The Milan-certified model transmits and receives up to 128 channels at 48 kHz (96 @ 96 kHz, 64 @ 192 kHz) with precise, fixed latency over a deterministic network. It communicates its status and configurable options to controllers via the open IEEE 1722.1 (ATDECC) standard and is compatible with the new Milan Manager.

Remote Control and Integration

Both models feature a JSON-based API for full integration and remote control over a network connection or USB. The web-based remote control application provides convenient access to the 304x308 channel routing matrix (240x244 for M-1620 Pro D).

Available from: Q3/2024

More about M-1620 Pro

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