2028 Vocal Microphone

DPA 2028 Supercardioid Vocal Mic

BUILT FOR LIVE ON THE ROAD Renowned DPA sound Natural vocals – from folk to metal Reduces feedback issues Rugged enough for the live stage Uniform supercardioid directionality Extreme SPL handling One mic allows you to capture true sound and produce an…
DPA 4011 Cardioid Mic

DPA 4011 Cardioid Mic

MAKE IT SOUND LIKE THE ORIGINAL Ultra-compact spot or hanging mic Close-miking Great for…
4099 Instrument Mic

DPA 4099 Instrument Mic

THE TRUE VOICE OF YOUR INSTRUMENT CORE by DPA technology inside Supercardioid condenser…
DPA 2015

DPA 2015

DPA Microphones 2015 Compact wide cardioid microphone The 2015 Compact Wide Cardioid…
DPA 2012

DPA 2012

The 2012 Compact Cardioid Microphone is the best all-around microphone for a wide range…
4099 Touring Kits

DPA 4099 Touring Kits

A PERFECT KIT FOR YOUR NEEDS There are two different types of kits available and they can…