4015 Wide Cardioid Mic

DPA 4015 Wide Cardioid Mic

TOTALLY LINEAR OFF-AXIS CHARACTERISTICS Low profile – wide pickup area Natural reproduction Directional ambience pickup Exceptional for vocals Modular flexibility This mic is the perfect fill-in between an omnidirectional and a directional microphone. The…
4099 Instrument Mic

DPA 4099 Instrument Mic

THE TRUE VOICE OF YOUR INSTRUMENT CORE by DPA technology inside Supercardioid condenser…
4099 Touring Kits

DPA 4099 Touring Kits

A PERFECT KIT FOR YOUR NEEDS There are two different types of kits available and they…
DPA 4011 Cardioid Mic

DPA 4011 Cardioid Mic

MAKE IT SOUND LIKE THE ORIGINAL Ultra-compact spot or hanging mic Close-miking Great for…