All outgoing parcel shipments from MusicNetwork AG are delivered with the additional service "Signature" (SI). This means that the items are only handed over to the recipient against signature. PostPac priority shipments are usually delivered before 10 a.m. for larger business customers and before 5 p.m. the following day for all other customers.


MusicNetwork AG offers its dealers a drop-shipping service. This means that MusicNetwork AG, as a distributor, ships goods from its product range on behalf of the dealer directly to the dealer's end customers. The delivered goods are invoiced to the dealer.  The advantage for the dealer is that he may not have to keep his own stock. If the desired product is in stock at MusicNetwork AG in the corresponding quantity, delivery to the end customer is possible the following day (Mon-Fri).


If the value of the goods exceeds CHF 1500 per shipment, the recipient will be charged the amount of CHF 6.48 excl. VAT for the higher insurance in addition to the shipping costs incurred (assurance).  If our consignee of goods is also the orderer and in possession of his own transport insurance, MusicNetwork AG will not charge the surcharge, provided the consignee confirms this in writing and requests it.


MusicNetwork AG operates a dealer webshop especially for its customers. Registered business partners can place orders via the MusicNetwork webshop around the clock, 365 days a year. With the appropriate login data, the dealer also has access to his order history and can view his conditions, purchase prices and invoices at any time. Therefore, webshop orders are the clearest, fastest and most convenient way to place orders.

However, during our business hours it is of course also possible to place orders by phone at 044 454 20 30.

Business hours: Monday - Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00

Goods orders received by 15:45 are normally processed the same day and delivered the following working day. This assumes that the agreed payment conditions allow delivery and that the ordered products are in stock. Excluded from this are deliveries of goods that are delivered by general cargo transport. 


During business hours, it is possible for business partners or, if applicable, their customers to pick up goods orders at the domicile of MusicNetwork AG or have them picked up.  The collection requires an appointment so that the goods can be made available.