MUTEC GmbH is the leading manufacturer of high-quality A/V studio clocks, audio re-clockers, interfaces, format converters and signal distributors for professional and audiophile applications. MUTEC's unique 1G clock technology sets new industry-wide standards in the performance of ultra-low-jitter clocks for playback and transmission of digital audio signals. MUTEC, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is committed to continuous improvement of audio quality, clock precision and digital signal processing to enable users to realize their sonic ideas in the best possible way.

MUTEC products are installed in leading radio and television studios, first-class recording and mastering studios, as well as in renowned music theaters, opera houses and universities all over the world. The new product range for the Hi-Fi market transfers our expertise from the broadcast and pro audio world into the digital high-end living room, providing a unique music experience.

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