The Nerdmatics team builds custom playback and MIDI backline systems for high-profile artists that can automate audio samples and stage lighting, while also giving artists much more live control of both the sound and visuals during the show.

The biggest knock on electronic music today is that the music is merely “press play” during live shows. To remedy that, Nerdmatics have been creating custom sound and lighting systems to enable artists to really experiment and improvise with their sounds live while they’re on stage.

As the list of high-profile artists Nerdmatics has worked with continues to grow, with Halsey, Drake, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Odesza, and The Glitch Mob as just a sampling of their jam-packed client list, the Nerdmatics team is garnering more and more mainstream attention now for their innovative custom setups. 

Mogami: What specific kinds of Mogami cable do you typically use? Do you buy bulk and solder the ends or buy complete cable?

Fred Carlton: I usually use a combination of both. Most playback systems have a D-Sub output that needs to become a male XLR, and some systems need TRS to Male XLR fanouts. On DJ projects where we have to run into the mixer, we use TRS to RCA. For custom builds, I have to do a lot of right angle XLR and TRS and at a custom length. Sometimes when running five-pin DIN MIDI we make our own XLR to DIN converter cables to do long MIDI runs with XLR.

Mogami: How did you first find out about Mogami cable, and why is it your preferred cable?

Fred Carlton: I first heard about it when one of my friends was playing guitar on a big tour and showed me his pedal board, which was all wired with Mogami. I went to Tour Supply in North Hollywood and bought some of my own to make patch cables and got to work with it first-hand. The quality has always been outstanding, which makes a big difference when you are making custom cables, running long distances, and using it for recording. The D-subs are super high-quality and have a flat-head insert so you do not have to hand tighten, which is a huge plus as some of the rack systems are lacking in space or are really deep.

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