Sibelius 2024.6

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Native support for Apple silicon

Sibelius 2024.6 now includes native support for Apple Silicon processors. At the time of writing, this includes Macs with processors in the M1 through M3 series. If you have a Mac with one of these processors, Sibelius will now run natively. If you have an Intel-based Mac, nothing will change for you. The Sibelius 2024.6 installers include a universal binary that will ensure your computer runs the appropriate binary for its architecture.

Sibelius now runs natively on Macs with Apple Silicon processors, with some minor performance improvements. Previously, Sibelius ran with Rosetta 2, which translated the Intel binary to run on Apple Silicon processors. By running Sibelius natively, you will see improvements in startup time of up to 30%. When editing large score changes in large scores, you will see improvements of up to 50%. For smaller scores, where most Sibelius commands are executed, Sibelius is just as fast as before.

Virtual instruments and effects

Sibelius now runs natively on MacOS. You must make sure that your plug-ins are up to date and running natively. Audio plug-ins that are not up to date will not be displayed in Sibelius. As a result, your scores will play incorrectly or not at all. To make sure your plug-ins support Apple Silicon processors, check Sibelius' "Playback > Preferences > Playback Devices" dialog. If they do not appear there, visit the manufacturer's website and check for an update. If you still need the older plug-ins, you can run Sibelius with Rosetta. Close Sibelius, go to the Applications folder, and select the Sibelius application. Go to File > Get Info and you will see an option to "Open with Rosetta".


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Copy-Paste Midi between Sibelius and Pro Tools

In this release, AVID has also made a number of minor improvements to the way Sibelius copies and pastes MIDI.

  • When pasting time and key signatures from Pro Tools, the original time and key signatures are now also adopted.
  • When pasting MIDI from the clipboard, muted notes are ignored.
  • The option "Round off metronome markings" in the MIDI import options is now permanently activated.
  • When pasting MIDI from the clipboard or importing a MIDI file, the system text is no longer duplicated.
  • Key signatures are now positioned correctly after pasting MIDI.
  • Tempo changes are no longer taken into account with every time signature change, unless this is necessary.
  • The options for filtering key changes in the MIDI import options no longer allow overlapping values.

In Pro Tools:

  • Select key, bar and ruler data individually or all at once to paste selectively.
  • You can now insert with or without notes to transfer the song structure independently of the music.

The Sibelius update is available for download to all users with an active Sibelius update and support plan through their AVID account or via AVID Link.

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