In time for NAMM 2024, Two Notes Audio Engineering announces the immediate availability of GENOME - FREE with all Two Notes products!

The result of an intensive testing program, GENOME offers musicians of all styles a world-class software ecosystem to shape your sound from start to finish. With an ever-expanding selection of amps, pedals, premium virtual cabs, and essential post-FX, GENOME is your first - and last - stop for the ultimate in-the-box or hybrid backline.

Improved workflow

Nothing should get in the way of your creativity. That's why GENOME's interface is designed to put your playing - and your great sound - first. GENOME's lane-based signal flow and 20 component slots make creating your own sound a breeze. Focus on your performance. Refine your sound. Perfect your performance. GENOME doesn't get in the way, it works with you to make the sound in your head a reality.

AI, unified!

Under the hood is CODEX, a next-generation unifying engine that unleashes the full potential of your AI-based amp and pedal capture arsenal. Fully compatible with Neural Amp Modeller (NAM), AIDA-X and Proteus, CODEX offers a range of custom effects that allow you to customize and reshape any static AI model to your exact needs.

TSM™ Amp Engine

It's an undeniable fact: the foundation of a great sound starts with a professionally tuned preamp and power amp. Two Notes' latest innovation - the Tube-Stage Modeling (TSM™) Amp Engine - offers players a range of professional preamps with unique character, inspired by the titans of guitar and bass amp history. Want to combine power amps with GENOME's preamp arsenal? No problem. Each TSM™ amp component includes a fully customizable power amp - everything you need to shape your sound with 4 different tube models (6L6, EL34, EL84 and KT88) in push-pull/AB or single-ended/A-Class configurations.


From lush analog delay to hard-hitting vintage overdrive, GENOME's growing lineup of PEDALS adds the finishing touch to any performance. Inspired by pedal legends, you can enhance your sound with all the essential controls to create your ultimate virtual board.

Discover DynIR™

Straddling the line between sublime authenticity and uncompromising digital emulation, GENOME's DynIR™ engine is the ultimate in virtual guitar and bass cabinet technology. With the power of 160,000 studio-quality IR files, each Two Notes DynIR™ can be customized to meet the needs of even the most demanding sound hunters. With 8 microphones per cabinet, dual miking, and 10,000 mic positions (front and rear), unleashing your sound and finding your signature tone has never been easier.


Total control-sublime definition-crystal clarity. Your sound deserves nothing less than perfection. GENOME's studio-quality effects suite is designed for forward-thinking players. Whether you need dynamics control, modulation, room effects or corrections, the STUDIO FX suite from GENOME leaves nothing to be desired.

More GENOME Highlights

Designed by in-the-box and hybrid rig experts to enhance any amp, preamp or DI sound with hyper-realistic amp, stompbox and cabinet emulations.

  • Intuitive, guitar-oriented interface focused on dialing in the perfect sound.
  • Optional dual lanes for effortless parallel processing
  • Includes 5 DynIR™ captures, 40 microphones, a comprehensive CODEX capture collection, 12 PEDALS, 12 TSM™ amps, 17 STUDIO FX and countless RIGS for instant creative potential right out of the box!
  • Available for MacOS X & Windows (64 & 32 bit) operating systems in VST3, AU, AAX & VST formats.

Want to get your hands on the latest software extravaganza from Two Notes? Pick up a Captor X, OPUS, ReVolt Guitar, ReVolt Bass, Captor or C.A.B. M+ today and find out how this ecosystem can improve your sound like never before!

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