DPA Microphones
2011 Twin Diaphragm Microphone

Distinctive, well-balanced sound

The 2011 Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Mic is a directional microphone. The unique sound of this microphone is well balanced. It bridges the gap between the extremely high sound quality of the pencil microphones and well-known Lavalier microphones from DPA Microphones.

  • Blends clarity, richness and dynamics
  • Twin Diaphragm Capsule Technology
  • Advanced Interference Tube Technology
  • Superb stage separation and level control
  • Modular flexibility

Two opposite-facing miniature capsules are custom-built inside the microphone. They are placed into a double-diaphragm, one-capsule composition. This combines the advantages of small capsules with a larger diaphragm area, thereby reducing inherent noise. These capsules provide a fast impulse response and a large frequency bandwidth. The capsule is loaded into DPAs top preamplifier to make the sound more smooth and precise.


Named for its "heart-shaped" polar pattern, a cardioid (or directional) microphone has the highest sensitivity at the front and the lowest sensitivity at the sides and back. They come in many variations - with wider or narrower sensitivity angles (supercardioid, hypercardioid, wide cardioid, etc.). Although cardioids also pick up sound coming from the sides, this outer-axial sound is usually more or less colored and attenuated. However, DPA's unique capsule technology avoids the coloring of sound coming from the sides or back of the microphone, and reduces only the sensitivity to these angles, providing perfect sound stages. The amount of attenuation depends on the exact specifications of the microphone.

Polar Pattern Nierencharakteristik

A microphone with a cardioid characteristic is by definition attenuated by -6 dB at the 90° side input of the microphone, but for many the word cardioid generally encompasses microphones with a directional characteristic as opposed to omn microphones that pick up sound from all directions.

Because of their nature, directional microphones are often used on the live stage - both in concerts and in speech performances to capture the focused sound of an instrument or voice. The narrow sensitivity angle helps keep other noises from becoming too prominent on a busy stage. For microphones with a cardioid pickup pattern, be aware of the proximity effect, which leads to an increase in bass response the closer the microphone is brought to the sound source. Therefore, when evaluating microphone specifications, you should always look for the distance at which the linear frequency response was measured. Also, cardioid microphones are much more sensitive to wind, pop, and handling noise than omnidirectional microphones, so you should take appropriate precautions.

Choose your preamp

Like all DPA modular pencil microphones, you can combine the 2011 Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Mic Capsule with any of DPAs preamps.
The MMP-A microphone preamplifier is an ultra-transparent, transformerless preamplifier with active drive for impedance balancing.
MMP-C compact microphone preamplifier is an ultra-compact preamplifier with an active driver to achieve impedance balance. It is softer than the other DPA preamps for pencil microphones.
Other preamplifiers include the very small form factor types MMP-E Modular Active Cable (XLR output) and MMP-G Modular Active Cable (MicroDot output), allowing for very slim set-ups. The MMP-G even allows you to match a larger microphones directly to a wireless transmitters.
At any time, and with no tools needed, it is possible to transform the 2011 Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Mic into a new configuration. 2011 is widely used as a snare drum microphonebut it is easy to use with many other instruments.
DPA 2011A

Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Microphone

The 2011A Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Mic is acclaimed for its close-miking excellence and hi-SPL handling. Optimized for onstage use, it has been used on many stages as well as recording sessions. It exhibits a previously unheard blend of clarity, richness and dynamic range.
DPA 2011C

Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Microphone

The 2011C Compact Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Mic offers a subtle character alteration with a bit more “body” to the low end than the 2011A. It is also much easier to position than other cardioid mics.


2011 Cardioid Stereo Pair

This complete stereo pair contains two carefully handpicked 2011 Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Microphones, selected on sensitivity within ±1.5 dB. These mics make several stereo principles such as XY and ORTF easily available. The pair contains microphones, windscreens and clips are all packed in a Peli™ Case.
ST2011A Stereo-Paar

ST2011A Stereo Pair
Twin Diaphragm Cardioid

Excellent for superior direct mic pickup and handling a high SPL. The foam design inside the heavy-duty transport box allows for quick and easy replacement of the microphone/accessory inlays.
ST2011C Stereo-Paar

ST2011C Stereo Pair
Twin Diaphragm Cardioid

Combined with the MMP-C preamplifier, this makes a small, lightweight and inconspicuous stereo pair. The compact design and controlled directionality of these microphones make them an excellent choice for spot microphones for classical recording and on-stage close mics for live sound.


DDK4000 Drum Microphone Kit

DPA DDK4000 Drum Microphone Kit

DPA's selection of microphones for the drum kit is specifically designed with the goal of giving the sound engineer control over the sound. With the natural, pristine sound of the entire kit, the sound engineer has the best starting point to shape the desired…
4099 Touring Kits

DPA 4099 Touring Kits

A PERFECT KIT FOR YOUR NEEDS There are two different types of kits available and they can each be purchases with 4 or 10 microphones. Ready for on-the-road use for rental companies, musicians or theatres. The 4099 CORE Classic Touring Kit offers microphones…
DPA 4055 Kick Drum microphone

DPA 4055 Kick Drum microphone

PUTS YOU IN CHARGE OF THE SOUND! The 4055 is specifically designed for kick drum applications and delivers the renowned DPA sound by capturing thereal, clear sound of the instrument. The microphone also provides a linear frequency response, both on- and…
4015 Wide Cardioid Mic

DPA 4015 Wide Cardioid Mic

TOTALLY LINEAR OFF-AXIS CHARACTERISTICS Low profile – wide pickup area Natural reproduction Directional ambience pickup Exceptional for vocals Modular flexibility This mic is the perfect fill-in between an omnidirectional and a directional microphone. The…


DPA 4006 Omnidirectional Mic

DPA 4006 Omnidirectional Mic

TRANSPARENCY, DETAIL AND DEPTH OF SOUND Acoustic authenticity Linear throughout a large frequency bandwidth Detailed and natural reproduction High sensitivity and low noise floor Excellent for concert halls and spot miking acoustical instruments Modular…
DPA 4017 Shotgun Mic

DPA 4017 Shotgun Mic

IMPRESSIVE ACCURACY AND CLARITY Small and lightweight Excellent RF immunity Highly immune to humidity Uniform off-axis response Highly directional pattern Sleek shotgun for distant miking Integrated active cable Designed for a broad range of applications, the…
DPA 2006 Twin Diaphragm Omni Mic

DPA 2006 Twin Diaphragm Omni Mic

DISTINCTIVE, WELL-BALANCED SOUND Acoustic authenticity Linear throughout a large frequency bandwidth Twin-Diaphragm Capsule Technology Modular flexibility DPA unique Twin Diaphragm Omni Mic Capsule is at the heart of these amazing microphones. This capsule…
DPA Stereo Pairs

DPA Stereo Pair

MATCHED STEREO PAIRS The stereo pairs include matching rod microphones, clamps and windshields as well as accessories. All sets are adjusted within ±0.5 dB or ±1 dB, depending on the pair. Available with 4006, 2011, 2006, 4011 or 4015. Modularity -…


DUA0028 Foam Windscreen

DUA0028 Foam Windscreen for 2011

The windscreen is designed for the DPA 2011C Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Microphone, Compact. It is well suited for outdoor applications and for speech and singing at close distances.

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