DPA Microphones


DPA Microphones


The stereo pairs include matching rod microphones, clamps and windshields as well as accessories. All sets are adjusted within ±0.5 dB or ±1 dB, depending on the pair.   Available with 4006, 2011, 2006, 4011 or 4015.

  • Modularity - interchangeable capsules and preamps
  • Dynamic range up to 120 dB
  • Suppression of high frequency noise > 60 and > 40 dB
  • Linear frequency response
  • High SPL
  • Excellent gain before feedback

The extensive and diverse microphone series is legendary in the recording and film production industries. The microphones deliver clear, accurate sound and are widely used by professionals who demand only the best. The foam design inside the heavy-duty carrying case allows for quick and easy replacement of microphone/accessory inlays.

Omnidirectional STEREO PAIRS

These sets include a complete stereo pair, two hand-picked 2006 dual-diaphragm omnidirectional microphones, selected with a sensitivity tolerance of ±1.5 dB. The microphones offer precise and faithful sound. They are the perfect choice for recording orchestras, pianos, guitars, wind instruments and choruses. The two 2006s come with brackets and windshields in a Peli Case.

DPA 2006 A Stereo Pair


In combination with the MMP-A preamplifier, this condenser microphone closes the gap between the exceptional sound quality of DPA recording microphones and the well-known miniature microphones from DPA Microphones.

2011 Cardioid Stereo Pair

This complete stereo pair contains two hand-selected 2011 cardioid dual diaphragm microphones, selected with a sensitivity tolerance of ±1.5 dB. These microphones make it easy to implement stereo principles such as XY and ORTF. The pair includes microphones, windscreen and clamps, packed in a Peli Case.


Ausgezeichnet für die hervorragende direkte Mikrofonabnahme und das Handling eines hohen SPL. Es wurde für den Einsatz auf der Bühne optimiert und bereits auf vielen Bühnen und für Aufnahmesitzungen eingesetzt. Sie bieten eine vorher noch nie gehörte Mischung aus Klarheit, Fülle und Dynamikumfang. Der Frequenzgang ausserhalb der Achse ist zwar linear, allerdings in einer kleineren Frequenzbandbreite. Dies sorgt für eine höhere Trennstufe und ein besseres Verhältnis von Verstärkung und Rückkopplung. Der Mikrofonpegel lässt sich leichter kontrollieren. Das Schaumstoffdesign im Inneren der Heavy-Duty-Transportbox ermöglicht einen schnellen und problemlosen Austausch der Mikrofon-/Zubehörinlays.

DPA 2011 A Stereo Pair

DPA 2011 C Stereo Pair


Together with the MMP-C preamplifier, this is a small, lightweight, and unobtrusive stereo pair. The compact design and controlled directivity of these microphones make them an excellent choice for support microphones for classical recordings and for live sound on stage.


Auch wenn die Standardtoleranzen unserer Mikrofone extrem eng sind, sind sie bei einem Stereo-Match noch enger. Die Toleranzen dieser speziell ausgewählten 4006A Mikrofone liegen sowohl bei Frequenzgang als auch Empfindlichkeit innerhalb von ±0,5 dB. Das Paar wird in einem Heavy Duty Peli Case ausgeliefert, für sicheren Transport und einfachen Zugriff auf Mikrofone und Zubehör.


The 4006A microphone with spherical characteristic is a flexible solution. Sound engineers, producers and musicians appreciate the clear, natural and precise sound reproduction. It is the ideal microphone for AB stereo recordings of symphonic concerts. In addition, it is excellent for direct mic pickup of all types of instruments and as a microphone for outdoor interviews. For reference stereo recording, there is no better choice than the 4006A microphone with spherical pattern. These omnidirectional condenser microphones are linear and deliver faithful recordings. They are manually matched to provide the truest recording of stereo sound anywhere.

DPA 4006A Stereo Pair

DPA 4006C Stereo Pair


The set is comparable to the ST4006A stereo pair. It uses the same MMC4006 omnidirectional microphone capsule to capture incredible stereo sound. Whenever a small, lightweight and unobtrusive microphone is needed for recording in highest quality, the 4006C omnidirectional microphone is the perfect choice. They are manually matched to provide the truest recording of stereo sound ever.


Even though the standard tolerances of DPA microphones are extremely tight, they are even tighter in a stereo match. The tolerances of these specially selected 4011 microphones with cardioid characteristics are within ±1 dB for both frequency response and sensitivity. The pair comes in a heavy-duty Peli Case for safe transport and easy access to microphones and accessories.


Dieses Kondensatormikrofon wird weltweit in Aufnahmestudios und bei Live-Auftritten als ein aussergewöhnliches Mikrofon hoch geschätzt. Eine sorgfältige Auswahl modernster Komponenten sorgt für optimale Neutralität, Genauigkeit und extrem geringe Verzerrung.

DPA 4011A Stereo Pair

DPA 4011C Stereo Pair

DPA 4011C Stereo Pair


The pair is comparable to the ST4011A stereo pair. It uses the same MMC4011 microphone capsule with cardioid polar pattern to capture incredible stereo sound. The minimalist design and high performance of the cardioid "hidden" 4011C microphone make it the first choice for unobtrusive pickup of all types of television, film, theater, concert and studio performances. When it comes to supporting larger orchestras, these microphones are hard to beat. The 4011C microphone with cardioid pickup pattern handles high SPL without distortion and is tailor-made for close miking thanks to the reduction of crosstalk from adjacent instruments. In film and television studios, these microphones are excellent for off-camera voice recording or sound engineer work. For live recording with a camera, their matte black finish contributes to a classic and unobtrusive look. Also for sound reinforcement in concert halls, theaters or houses of worship, they deliver a pure and natural sound without noticeable light reflections on the cabinet.

4015 Wide Cardioid Stereo Pair

A complete stereo pair with two carefully matched 4015 wide cardioid microphones. Even though the standard tolerances are extremely low on the series, they are even tighter on a stereo match. The tolerances on these microphones are within ±1 dB for both frequency response and sensitivity. The pair comes with two 4015 microphones, clamps, and windshield in a Peli Case.


DPA Mikrofone mit breiter Niere verarbeiten vor dem Übersteuern extrem hohe Schalldruckpegel (SPL). Mittels 20 dB Pad-Schalter in der Mitte des XLR-Anschlusses des 4015A Mikrofons mit breiter Nierencharakteristik wird eine Übersteuerung des Mikrofonverstärkers verhindert.

DPA 4015A Stereo Pair

DPA 4015C Stereo Pair


The pair is comparable to the ST4015A stereo pair. It uses the same MMC4015 wide cardioid microphone capsule to capture incredible stereo sound. Visually discreet, the compact 4015C wide cardioid microphone is an essential low-profile solution for sound engineers and set designers. With their incredibly accurate and natural sound, the microphones are guaranteed to exceed expectations for choir, percussion setups, concert grand, wind instruments and many more.