DPA Microphones

Matched stereo pairs

The extensive and versatile Pencil Microphone Series from DPA is legendary in the high-end recording and film production industry. The microphones in this series deliver clear, precise sound and are used by professionals who seek perfect sound and insist on using only the best.

  • Modularity - interchangeable capsules and preamplifier
  • Up to 120 dB dynamic range
  • HF suppression between >60 and >40 dB
  • Linear frequency response
  • High sound pressure level
  • Superior gain before feedback

DPA has launched the award-winning Recording Microphones into special stereo kits, each containing the microphones and accessories you need to record excellent sound, whatever the purpose. All kits are precisely matched to ±0.5 dB or ±1 dB, depending on which kit you choose. Check out the kits below:

3506A Stereo Kit with 4006A Omnis

This is a complete stereo kit with two carefully matched 4006A condenser microphones with phantom power. Kit includes microphones, windscreens, boom, mounts, clips and more.

DPA 3506 A Stereo Kit

Even though the standard tolerances of DPA recording microphones are already extremely low, stereo tuning is even more precise. These specially selected 4006A omnidirectional microphones are precisely tuned to within ±0.5 dB in both frequency response and sensitivity.

For reference stereo recording, there is no better choice than a 4006A omnidirectional microphone. These condenser microphones with an omnidirectional pattern have a linear and pristine character. They come as a manually tuned pair that offers the truest stereo sound available.



3511A Stereo Kit with 4011A CARDIOIDS

This is a complete stereo kit with two 4011A cardioid microphones whose frequency response and sensitivity are precisely matched to each other to within ±1 dB throughout the microphone's frequency range. The kit includes microphones, windscreens, boom, mounts, clips and more.

The 4011A cardioid microphone is known as an exceptional microphone in recording studios and live applications around the world. State-of-the-art components have been carefully selected to ensure optimal neutrality, accuracy and extremely low distortion.

The 4011A cardioid microphone is particularly impressive due to its directional pattern and attention to detail. With this microphone everything sounds like the original. The first-order cardioid characteristic provides excellent separation between sound sources.


DPA 3511A Stereo Kit 4011A

3511ES Stereo Kit with 4011ES Cardioids

This is a complete stereo kit with two compact 4011ES cardioid microphones with active side cables. The microphones are factory-tuned to within ±1 dB of each other in terms of frequency response and sensitivity across the frequency range of the microphone. The kit includes microphones, windscreens, holders, clips, and more.

DPA 3511ES Stereo Kit

Ideal for unobtrusive miking on location, e.g. hanging or on the table, is the 4011ES cardioid microphone, active cable an ultra-compact cardioid microphone from DPA's modular recording microphone series. It is only 3.5 cm long and has an unobtrusive appearance.

The microphone features an integrated cable solution. This allows it to be suspended from the ceiling for precise and reproducible positioning and angles when miking orchestral sections or ambient situations.