M-Audio BX3T & BX4T

M-Audio today introduced two new members of the BX3- and BX4-family of multimedia speakers: the BX3BT and BX4BT. These new models have been updated with an eye toward enabling users to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth®-enabled device and experience crystal clear sound in studio quality. The BX3BT and BX4BT were designed for livestreaming, gaming, music production or simply for music listening and are the ultimate solution for compact professional sound reproduction.

The BX3BT and BX4BT speakers both feature 120 watts of crystal-clear sound, Black Kevlar® woofers  and computer-optimized tweeters with natural silk dome drivers that deliver a perfect combination of deep bass and high frequencies for a true stereo image. Both the BX3BT and BX4BT also feature a rear port that provides enhanced low-frequency reproduction for an improved multimedia listening experience. All of this is housed in an acoustically inert MDF enclosure that can be placed anywhere with ease.

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