Bi-directional high performance audio format converter for AES3, AES3id and S/P-DIF signals

The MUTEC MC-1.1+ is a unique piece of equipment to help you to convert problem-free between the most popular digital audio formats and interface standards: AES3 and S/P-DIF. Due to lots of operations modes, we are sure that the MC-1.1+ will cover also your conversion needs between these two formats.


  • AES/EBU, AES/EBUid and S/P-DIF optical/coaxial interfaces in one box

  • Uni- and bi-directional format conversions up to 192.0 kHz between AES3/AES3id and S/P-DIF

  • Signal improvement and stabilization by low-jitter PLLs

  • Converts to all output formats simultaneously while allowing the original signal to pass through

  • Works as active signal splitter for AES3/AES3id and S/P-DIF

  • Every interface standard offers two separately buffered outputs

  • Detects NONE-PCM and DTS bitstreams

  • SCMS processing and status analysing

  • User‘s settings will be stored after switching-off

  • New-designed, simple user interface

  • Rack-space-saving 9.5“ housing

  • Built-in, internationally useable power supply


  • Interconnection of consumer and professional digital audio devices
  • Real-time bi-directional signal transfer and conversion between send/returns of digital mixing consoles and effect processors
  • Converts AES3 and S/P-DIF signals to Dolby devices using AES3id
  • Uni- or bi-directional interconnection of computer-based sound cards with professional digital audio equipment
  • AES3, AES3id and S/P-DIF signal splitting and distribution
  • Digital audio signal refreshing in long-distance applications
  • SCMS coding of digial audio productions to protect those against illegal copying
  • S/P-DIF optical/coaxial status analysing