4099 Touring Kits


  •    CORE by DPA technology inside
  •    Supercardioid condenser microphone
  •    Handles high SPLs
  •    Superior gain-before-feedback
  •    Flexible and easy mounting
  •    Gentle and easy to mount on the instrument
  •    Detachable cable and a versatile gooseneck extender

From the piano to guitar; strings to woodwinds; brass to percussion, the 4099 Series sounds equally impressive on them all. This one microphone model can beautifully reinforce an entire orchestra. You can move the mic to another instrument; just make sure you have the right type of clip to mount it correctly.The award-winning 4099 series gives you a much more natural sound than any clip-on microphone or pickup. This condenser microphone rejects unwanted noise and accurately captures the true voice of your acoustic instrument.

This microphone comes in two versions:

  • 4099 CORE Mic, Loud SPL – used to close-mike most types of instruments
  • 4099 CORE Mic, Extreme SPL – used to close-mike extremely loud instruments, such as drums and some brass

These mics come available in kits of 4- or 10 pieces with relevant accessories to make it easy to mic a group, band or orchestra.



There are two different types of kits available and they can each be purchases with 4 or 10 microphones. Ready for on-the-road use for rental companies, musicians or theatres.

The 4099 CORE Classic Touring Kit offers microphones and a selection of accessories selected for typical use in an acoustic music setting. This kit features a number of 4099 CORE Instrument Microphones for Loud SPL, which are perfect for use on a wide range of instruments – from the flute to the guitar, and everything in between.

The 4099 CORE Rock Touring Kit offers a number of d:vote condenser microphones and a selection of accessories selected for typical use in a live rock music setting. With a max SPL, peak before clipping of 152 dB, the 4099 CORE Instrument Microphone for Extreme-SPL instruments was designed for use on drums, percussion instruments and other loud instruments, like the trumpet and saxophone.