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Get the Apogee ClipMic digital 2 lavalier microphone

ClipMic adds a new dimension to your vlogging, live streaming and social media content

Managing content as an influencer and writer is exhausting, especially when you're on the go a lot. You have to worry about the appearance of your content, what you say and how you say it, often in an environment you can't control... and you're constantly surrounded by competition. When it comes to social media and influencer content, the first thing that is usually forgotten is tone.... and that often leads to even good-looking videos looking unprofessional. The good news is that it's never been easier to record professional-quality audio on the go than with the Apogee Clip Mic Digital 2. It's literally the perfect microphone for the next generation of content creators


The highest quality and most versatile microphone you can buy for social media, vlogging and lifestyle videos

Apogee has been the industry leader in sound quality for decades and is excited to finally have a breakthrough product for social media creators and influencers with the Apogee ClipMic digital 2.

Nothing represents amateur video like poor audio. For mobile content creators, this can be a big problem, as background sound on location usually can't be controlled.

There is only one microphone on the market designed for the demanding and versatile environments that content creators need on the go: the Apogee ClipMic digital 2. It offers the best sound quality of any lavalier microphone on the market and connects easily to any current iOS, Mac, Windows or Android device. It has a long cable that is optimal for interviews and conversations of any kind, and its small form factor looks professional on any screen.

Don't skimp on your content. Upgrade your sound and the quality of your presentation with the Apogee ClipMic digital 2.

Record, sync, and organize recordings with MetaRecorder for iPhone and iPad

Afraid of how to handle all your files when it's time to edit them? Syncing and managing your files has never been easier when you record them with the Apogee MetaRecorder - included for free when you buy the ClipMic digital 2. The duo belongs together and is unbeatably efficient, almost like Batman and Robin.


ClipMic digital 2

Premium Lavalier Microphone

ClipMic digital 2

Premium Lavalier Microphone