Sibelius ultimate installation

Install and activate Sibelius and Sibelius Ultimate

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You need your login data for your AVID account. Click on the following link: AVID Master Account and log in.

choose the product to install

After successful registration, click on "My products and subscriptions". This link leads you to your products and downloads. Search for the entry "Sibelius Ultimate" and click on it to see the details.

Here you will find all the details such as System ID and Activation ID if you need them, and the exact expiration date of your plan.

On the left side below the image you'll see "VIEW Software Download Links & Product Details", click on the word "View". 





Here you can see all downloads that are available to you. If you are using a more modern Bowser, your operating system will be automatically detected and the corresponding downloads will be displayed. That means, if you are on the internet with a Mac, only the versions for macOS will be shown, like in our example. To see all versions, click on "also view Windows files" above.

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1. Sibelius Ultimate

2. AudioScore Lite

3. PhotoScore Lite

4. Sibelius Sounds

MusicNetwork Sibelius Downloads

Click on "Sibelius..." to download the program to your computer. This may take a moment, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, between 2 and 20 minutes or even longer. 

Do I also need the additional SOFTWARE?

It depends a little bit on what you want to do. I will explain what the additional software does, then you can decide whether you want to install it or not.

2. AudioScore Lite is a lightweight version of AudioScore Ultimate, manufactured by Neuratron.  AudioScore has the ability to convert acoustic signals such as monophonic music or vocals into MIDI notes. You can connect a microphone to your computer and sing into the microphone, AudioScore recognizes (hears) the sung notes and notes them as MIDI notes and passes this information to Sibelius for further processing. What is not possible is to analyze entire songs as audio files.

3. PhotoScore Lite is a lightweight version of Photoscore Ultimate, also produced by Neuratron. What AudioScore does with acoustic signals, PhotoScore does with PDF's. You can connect a scanner or load a PDF into PhotoScore and it will recognize the characters using OCR and pass this information to Sibelius for further processing.

4. Sibelius Sounds are small pieces of recorded music. The file is about 24GB in size, meaning that loading can take a whole night and the installation takes a lot of space on your hard disk and even more patience. But it's worth a lot if you want to have good sounding scores in which a trombone sounds like a trombone and not like an elephant that is snuffy ;). When you install this file, the sounds are not digitally generated by your computer, but Sibelius will play these samples, recorded by real musicians, which makes the scores sound more authentic. If you have enough space on your hard disk (internal or external HD) I recommend the installation, it just sounds better, not perfect, but better.


After successful loading, double-click on the file and follow the instructions of the installer. Normally no changes are necessary in the installation process, stick to the suggested parameters unless you know what you are doing. The installation usually takes 5-10 minutes, on older computers without SSD the installation can take up to 20 minutes. The installation process involves installing two software packages, one is AVID Link and the other is the Sibelius program itself. After the installation is complete, the computer must be restarted. Once the installation is complete, run the reboot.

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