New in PRO TOOLS 2022.12

This release features support for macOS Ventura, a new Scripting SDK that lets developers and service providers create apps that integrate with Pro Tools, numerous bug fixes and performance improvements, and a public beta with native Apple Silicon support. In addition, Media Composer 2022.12 can now export Pro Tools session files, and Pro Tools 2022.12 better supports reading marker data generated by Media Composer and placing it in the Pro Tools Marker Ruler.

Scripting SDK

Pro Tools 2022.12 supports a new Scripting SDK (Software Development Kit) that can be used to develop Pro Tools scripts to automate repetitive tasks and create entirely new workflows. The new free Pro Tools Scripting SDK gives developers everything they need to get started.

Native Apple Silicon Public Beta

While AVID plans to deliver official and qualified native Apple M1 and M2 Silicon support to customers with active subscriptions and support contracts in early 2023, they're letting you use Pro Tools 2022.12 as a public beta, natively on Apple Silicon. This gives you the opportunity to test the performance enhancements.

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