Modular Pure Analogue Synthesiser

Malevolent is PWM's modular, true analog synthesizer that unites the modular and synth worlds. It has multiple connectivity options for endless patching possibilities.

With Malevolent you can create your music the way you want. Designed from the ground up with modular synthesis, the synthesizer features powerful analog signal processing for a truly dynamic experience. With a wide range of sound shaping tools and a large modulation matrix, you can create sounds in unprecedented ways.

Key Features

  • Modular pure analog synthesizer
  • Independent module sections with normalized connections
  • Eurorack standard (1V/oct CV & gate)
  • USB MIDI to CV conversion with arpeggiator and joystick-controlled additional performance LFO
  • Analog clock I/O
PWM Malevolent

Features List

  • Modular pure analog synthesizer
  • Eurorack standard (1V/Oct control voltage & gate)
  • Fully re-patchable to any configuration
  • Independent module sections with normalized connections
  • 2 voltage controlled oscillators
  • 2 ADSR envelopes
  • Multi-mode 2-pole voltage-controlled filters
  • Voltage controlled amplifier with overdrive control - Mixer section with AUX and noise controls
  • USB MIDI to CV conversion within the Keys module - Arpeggiator and joystick control
  • Analog LFO plus additional Digital Performance LFO via joystick
  • 2 analog envelopes
  • Adjustable frequency modulation in both oscillators and the filter
  • High quality keyboard with patchable velocity output and CV & gate
  • Analog clock input and output

Paul, who?

Paul Whittington has an in-depth knowledge of the music production process. In the past, he has worked at Evolution Electronics, M-Audio, AVID, Focusrite, and Novation, and thus has been directly involved in countless products that have become famous in the studio and live industries. In addition to his product management experience, he is a passionate synthesis designer and professional keyboardist with appearances on radio and television. With so much knowledge and experience in the music industry, Paul eventually launched PWM by selecting the best industry specialists to develop the innovative and exciting products that will soon hit the market. A doting husband and proud father of two, when Paul isn't tending to the family he can be found mostly in his man cave, tinkering, plotting and scheming.

Paul Whittington