Hybrid Analog Synthesizer

The Mantis by PWM is a duophonic analog synthesizer with two oscillators plus one sub oscillator per voice. It features two envelopes with sustain fall and envelope repeat, a multimode VCA filter with low pass, band pass and high pass (12 dB and 24 dB). The Mantis also features two LFOs that give you additional control over the sound, adding even more depth and texture. 


  • Duophonic hybrid analog synthesizer
  • Oscillator drift
  • Multi-mode state variable VCA filter with overdrive
  • LFO (low frequency oscillator)
  • Envelopes
  • Ring modulation
  • Mixer
  • VCA (voltage controlled amplifier)
  • Modulation paths
  • Glide
  • Indicator LEDs
  • Master tune
  • Master Volume
  • Trigger
  • Multifunction joystick control
  • Arpeggiator
  • Dedicated tempo control
  • Duophonic mode control
  • Digital effects

Together with the VCA overdrive and the arpeggiator, the creative possibilities of the Mantis are almost unlimited. In addition, the synthesizer offers digital effects such as reverb and chorus that add additional dimensions to the sound. The MIDI In/Out/Thru interface lets you connect the Mantis to other devices, and the 37 impact keys with channel aftertouch offer intuitive playability. With multi-function joystick, Sustain and Controller pedals, plus stereo line out and headphone out, the Mantis has everything you'd expect from a modern, powerful synthesizer.


This project is a collaboration between the late Chris Huggett (Gnat. Aasp, Oscar) and PWM (Paul Whittington). Paul tells the story of the creation of Mantis and working with Chris.


200 Patches
  • All patches are in RAM and can be overwritten
  • Bank A: 100 factory presets
  • Bank B: 100 user presets (all set to the original patch)
  • Comparison function
  • Patch initialization function 
Master Tune

Paul, who?

Paul Whittington has an in-depth knowledge of the music production process. In the past, he has worked at Evolution Electronics, M-Audio, AVID, Focusrite, and Novation, and thus has been directly involved in countless products that have become famous in the studio and live industries. In addition to his product management experience, he is a passionate synthesis designer and professional keyboardist with appearances on radio and television. With so much knowledge and experience in the music industry, Paul eventually launched PWM by selecting the best industry specialists to develop the innovative and exciting products that will soon hit the market. A doting husband and proud father of two, when Paul isn't tending to the family he can be found mostly in his man cave, tinkering, plotting and scheming.

Paul Whittington