A32pro & A32pro Dante

The German pro audio manufacturer FERROFISH announces two new high-quality A/D-D/A and digital format converters, featuring ADAT, MADI and Dante inputs, two headphone outputs, updated front panel and remote controls, GPIO, and options for redundancy and DSP expansion are equipped.

A32pro & A32pro Dante 32x32-channel A/D-D/A multi-format converter & router

By combining high analog channel counts with extensive digital inputs and outputs and powerful signal routing, as well as options for redundancy and future expansion capabilities, FERROFISH's A32pro Series sets a new milestone in high-quality and reliable signal conversion and distribution for modern recording studios. live audio playback systems, and broadcast audio facilities.

Both the Ferrofish A32pro and the A32pro Dante feature 32 analog inputs and 32 analog outputs on fully balanced D-sub25 connectors, providing an incredible number of connectivity options in a single 1U chassis.

The new A32pro series represents the success of FERROFISH's extensive research and development efforts over the past several years, and is the natural evolution of the company's cost-effective and highly flexible A/D-D/A converters.

The FERROFISH A32pro is available for CHF 2679 and A32pro Dante  for CHF 3499 are expected to begin shipping in late April 2022