DPA World Tour Zürich


Are you new to the audio world and want to start your career off at a high level? Or perhaps you are an experienced sound engineer and microphone enthusiast who is always eager to learn about the newest technology, trends, tips and tricks. Either way, the DPA GET CLOSER World Tour will allow you to meet, network with and learn from the best audio experts in the business.

We would like you to join us for a full-day of learning, demoing, knowledge-sharing & networking with some of the biggest and best-known experts in the recording and live music industrie, microphone technology and acoustics.

The experts:

  • Donal Hodgson (UK), Sound Engineer, Mixer, Pro Tools Expert
  • Bo Brinck (DK), Product Specialist, DPA Microphones
  • Eddy B. Brixen (DK), Audio Expert, DPA Microphones

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