DPA - d:vice-App Update 1.01

The Summing function

When two microphones are connected it is possible to sum the two channels so that each of the mics’ audio signals is sent equally to output 1 and output 2. You can set individual gain for each mic and still have a single summed mono output. This is useful to ensure controlled output to mono platforms, for instance, Facebook Live

The App update also contains a firmware update, which is automatically downloaded to the d:vice™ once you have granted permission. Please see the details on the very simple procedure below.
The steps are:

1. Download the new App version 1.01 from App Store.
2. After the App update has completed on your iPhone, iPOD or iPAD connect your d:vice™ to the iOS unit.
3. You will now be prompted to say [OK] to the firmware update. Having hit the OK button you can see the progress of the firmware update on your iOS units screen.
4. Done.

You have now updated your App and d:vice™.