Customers who are using an older perpetual license version of Media Composer and have been waiting for an upgrade or the latest version, but do not want to switch to a subscription license, can take advantage of this limited time offer.

Save up to 60% off the regular price of an unlimited full version. Upgrade your Media Composer Perpetual License now for just CHF 599 until December 31 2019.

 Media Composer Reinstatement with 1-year support plan is back for a limited time (until December 31, 2019). For only CHF 599, Media Composer users can restore the update and support plan and get access to the latest version of Media Composer 2019.x.

Available for all existing perpetual licenses of Media Composer v5.x or higher that are not currently in a plan. Includes 12 months of software updates and standard support. The plan is applied to the existing perpetual license (dongle or software license). 


Note: Available for all Media Composer v5 or later perpetual (non-EDU) licenses that are not currently in an update and support plan.