Soft Limit Plugin from Apogee - Free for all!

Soft Limit has been a staple of all Apogee converters since the AD-500, the first standalone A-D converter from Apogee in 1991. Now, for the very first time, this simple but highly effective emulation of an analog tape is available as an audio plug-in.Apogee Soft Limit Hardware

During the development of the AD-500, Apogee realized that while the new digital audio technology offered better performance and lower distortion, the technical shortcomings of analog tape produced a pleasant sound that sound engineers didn't want to miss. Thus was born Soft Limit, an aanalog circuit placed before the A-D conversion stage to softly round out transients and enhance harmonics.

 Soft Limit has since been found in just about every AD converter from Apogee, from the AD-8000 to Symphony I/O to the current Duet 3. Soft Limit is FREE and you can download it from here as of June 30, 2022!

Have fun????!!