Symphony Desktop Release 1.19

Apogee announces the release of software version 1.19 for Symphony Desktop, their flagship interface for the home studio. This release includes the Apogee Control software and the Apogee Channel FX plugin, which allows you to set up a hybrid DSP+Native workflow from your DAW using DualPath Link mode. 


  • Apogee Control 2 software with full functionality on Macs (including M1 Apple Silicon) & Windows 10 PCs.
  • Symphony ECS Channel Strip plugin running in the Apogee Channel FX (ACFX) plugin wrapper and fully operable from:
    • Touchscreen display on Symphony Desktop.
    • From within the Apogee Control 2 software
    • From your DAW
  • All 3 workflows are fully functional in the ACFX plugin wrapper: Print FX, Monitor FX and DualPath Link
  • Various bug fixes, layout optimizations and general improvements