M-32 DA Pro II-D

High-end 32-channel, 192 kHz DA CONVERTER WITH MADI AND DANTE

The M-32 Pro II Series is designed to meet the demanding requirements of professional studios, immersive sound reinforcement, live sound systems, and industrial applications that require reliable analog conversion with high-quality network audio processing. The new converters are available with 32 analog inputs or outputs and a choice of Dante® or AVB in four different models.

With up to 32 channels, full-featured MADI I/O, improved specifications with ultra-low THD, intelligent channel routing, and innovative ease of use, the new M-32 Pro II series represents the state of the art in exceptional audio performance.


  • 32 x analog outputs (25-pin D-sub, up to +24 dBu)
  • 2 x MADI I/O (separate optical SC and coaxial BNC, up to 128 channels)
  • 1 x RJ45 1 GigE AVB, 4 streams with 4/8/12/16 channels each
  • (optional) MIDI I/O for Legacy MIDI Remote
  • Word Clock I/O (BNC)
  • USB 2.0 (for remote control)
  • 2 x monitored fully redundant internal PSU

The ultimate solution FOR MODERN PRODUCTIONS

The M-32 Pro Series was designed with the goal of creating a 32-channel converter that could be considered a reference on both the input and output sides. To meet this high standard, the M-32 Pro II combines fully balanced signal routing with high quality audio components. This is complemented by years of experience in analog circuit design. The result is a multichannel converter with a remarkable dynamic range of 120 dB(A) on all channels.

RME M-32 DA Pro II-D

Analog Line Level Performance

A special feature of the M-32 Pro II series is the individual switching of single channels to different reference levels (+13/+19/+24dBu) while maintaining excellent audio characteristics. In particular, the provision of +24dBu enables full integration into demanding broadcast environments as well as analog studios with high channel requirements.

Simple and versatile to use

Quite "analog", but almost indispensable in daily practice, is the combination of level displays and channel labeling fields. The enclosed foils can be used to design individual channel displays and securely fasten them behind a magnetic cover. This way, the user always has a perfect overview of the channel assignment.

DANTE Audio Networking - Two fully redundant network connections

RME has integrated the often requested Dante connectivity directly into the hardware of the M-32 Pro II-D. It enables the connection to other audio devices via standard network switches - and allows users to connect up to 64 audio channels of a computer directly to the analog and digital inputs and outputs of the M-32 Pro II-D using the Dante Virtual Soundcard™ (license sold separately).

Against the background of an ever-changing landscape of network audio solutions, the challenge for RME's development team was to create a high-performance device platform that would guarantee unparalleled flexibility and stability for years to come. To meet these demanding requirements, everything was redesigned from the ground up. By integrating Audinate's Dante IP core on RME's own FPGA platform, RME not only offers a highly flexible solution, but also comes a big step closer to the goal of a truly universal audio networking experience.

RME M-32 DA Pro II-D

Ongoing updates and enhancements

RME has always seen itself as a manufacturer with a sustainable product philosophy. The entire product family benefits from continuous updates and enhancements long after its market launch. For example, since the launch of the first M-32 Pro converters, not only has the web interface been developed from scratch, but compatibility with the MILAN™ standard has also been realized via software update. The new M-32 Pro II converters are also subject to continuous further development and are thus a secure investment in the future.

RME M-32 DA Pro II-D


RME M-32 DA Pro II-D