Coaxial Cable with 75 Ohm Impedance and two Tajimi One Touch Connectors

The coaxial cable 2964 from MOGAMI has a diameter of only 4.8 mm and is extremely flexible. The technical parameters are precisely designed for the transmission of high-frequency word clock, MADI and video signals. The impedance of 75 Ohm is guaranteed with a tolerance of only ±10%. A double spiral shielding provides extremely effective protection against interference. All assembled BNC cables have Tajimi One Touch Push Pull connectors.

Mogami has been the top choice for wiring professional recording studios for decades. Recording engineers have come to depend on Mogami's superior sound quality, clarity, silent background, and consistent quality. Mogami is so widely used that if you have commercially recorded music, chances are overwhelmingly good that Mogami is part of the vital signal chain.

For Mogami Gold cables, we took the same microphone, instrument and multi-channel interface cable found in world class studios to manufacture assemblies that are the envy of the industry. We are proud of our quality and back them with a no excuses lifetime warranty. More importantly, we are confident that when you purchase Mogami Gold cable, you will have a lifetime of musical satisfaction.

Available lengths: 0.5m, 1m, 3m, 5m, 10m and 20m