Keystation Mini 32 MK3

Mobile keyboard controller
with 32 keys

Keystation Mini 32 MK3 is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to be mobile when making music. Designed by the pioneers of mobile music production, this supremely portable keyboard features best-in-class playability. All you need to do is plug it into your computer or iPad and you can start playing two-handed right away - on the 32 low-profile mini-keys that offer excellent feel.
The keyboard also offers the ability to customize the stroke sensitivity of the keys to your playing style via velocity curves with excellent musical characteristics, one of which is specifically available for drum programming. To control your performance, the keyboard provides four assignable controls, including a knob. And thanks to the included software, you ll be playing and creating music with ease.
Keystation Mini 32 MK3 is powered by USB and is quickly ready to go thanks to Plug & Play - the easy way to create and play music on the go.
M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 MK3

Perfectly equipped in the mobile studio

There's no reason to sacrifice quality on the go. Innovative and rugged M-Audio products have started the revolution for mobile studios, earning the company its status as an industry-leading keyboard provider. Keystation Mini 32 MK3 continues that tradition. As you've come to expect from the popular M-Audio Keystation family of products, Keystation Mini 32 MK3 offers an unbeatable feel thanks to its custom-designed keyboard, pitchbend controls, adjustable velocity curves, and unmatched portability.

Create your music faster than ever

Thanks to the included software, it's easy to start playing and creating your own music. Open the program and immerse yourself in a world of high-quality sounds. Play tracks on the Keystation Mini 32 MK3 keyboard, watch them appear in the software, and enjoy playing your  own music. There's even an instruction built in to show you how to write notes in your favorite genre. 


  • 32 low-profile, velocity-sensitive mini keys for excellent feel and easy portability
  • 4 assignable controls - three buttons and a knob> real-time control of your DAW and virtual instruments
  • Selectable velocity curves (touch response) - one specifically for drum programming > customizing key sensitivity to your style of playing
  • Rugged, high-quality construction > for frequent use on the go
  • USB operation and class compatibility > convenient to use on computer or IPad with plug & play
  • Perfect addition to your mobile studio - small enough to fit in a backpack
  • Compatible with iPad (iPad Camera Connection Kit required)
  • Assignable controls for pitch bend and modulation
  • USB operation and class-compliant - quickly ready thanks to plug & play
  • Buttons with multi-color LED backlighting for use on stage or in dimly lit studios
  • Easy-to-use software for writing and playing music
  • Compatible with a wide range of popular music creation programs as well as virtual instruments
  • Includes MPC Beats

Keystation Mini 32 MK3


M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 MK3