HEDDphone® TWO


Driven by exciting new advances in air-motion transformer technology and based on informed user feedback, the new HEDDphone has undergone a rapid evolution. With a folded Kapton diaphragm more than three times the size of conventional dynamic, planar or electrostatic drivers, the sound of the HEDDphone TWO reaches new dimensions in terms of precisely matching subtle transients and creating a transparent, natural musicality.

It creates a speaker-like, evenly balanced soundstage with stunning definition that allows for long, fatigue-free listening. Building on the success of its predecessor with award-winning producers and engineers such as Tchad Blake, Hildur Guðnadóttir and DJ Jazzy Jeff, this headphone was designed with a discerning eye on the needs of mastering engineers, mixers and producers, but is also aimed at the broader spectrum of headphone lovers.

A redesigned headband.

With this patent-pending intelligent strap system, you can customize height, width, camber and clamping pressure, adjust camber and contact pressure to ensure a tailored fit that's comfortable for extended use.

The extensive material and reliability testing has led HEDD to offer a rare and extended 5-year warranty for these headphones. A patent is pending for the new, unique headband (= HEDDband) that offers users a truly customized, comfortable wearing experience. HEDD has developed an intelligent band system that allows parameters such as height, width, curvature and even contact pressure to be adjusted to suit individual head shape and taste.

For maximum flexibility, HEDD includes a carrying case and additional balanced/unbalanced cables so you can easily take the HEDDphone TWO to projects - and even on vacation. Frequent users will also appreciate the set of replacement ear pads for extended use.

To achieve a smooth frequency response over the entire audible frequency range, HEDD had to refine the original design of the Air Motion Transformer with new geometries and a more complex system of variable-size folds. HEDD calls this approach Variable Velocity Transform - VVT.

Designed and made in Berlin

Handcrafted in Berlin from the highest quality components, the HEDD Air Motion Transformer uses HEDD's expertise to deliver impeccable transient response and ultra-high frequency extension. This keeps the high frequencies transparent and linear and does not distort the natural sound reproduction in any way.

in the box

The HEDDphone TWO comes with a custom carrying case, a set of replacement ear pads, cables and adapters so you're ready to go. Everything you need. Just add music.

Cables and connectors included:

  • 2.2m headphone cable with 6.35mm connector
  • 2.2 m balanced cable with 4.4 mm connector
  • 3-pin audio adapter - 6.35mm to 3.5mm
  • 4-pin audio adapter - balanced 4.4 mm to XLR


  • Design is engineered for excellent balanced weight distribution
  • Mini XL connectors provide a secure cable connection with the least amount of wear
  • The HEDDphone uses the most durable materials and components for long product life
  • The ear cushions are made of high quality vegan material that is durable, soft and seals well even with glasses.
    With glasses
  • High resolution HEDD Air Motion Transformer
  • High-quality, vegan-friendly materials made in Germany
  • Variable Velocity Transformation Technology
  • Open-back design


  • Open-back over-ear headphone



HEDDphone® TWO