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ReVolt Guitar

Full analog 3-channel 
guitar amp simulator

From classy clean tones to hard-hitting metal sounds, your music demands the absolute best in sound quality. The ReVolt Guitar is a forward-thinking, all-analog 3-channel preamp that's the heart of your rig. The latest generation was designed with a single goal in mind: to give players the ultimate sound. 
Leave all preconceptions about an ordinary "amp-in-a-box" behind: the ReVolt Guitar stands out from the crowd. It's inspired by three legendary amps; it's powered by 200V and real tube power; it adapts to countless usage scenarios; and it stands out from the crowd with its built-in OD boost circuitry. Why would you settle for something that isn't perfect?
Tow notes ReVolt Guitar

Inspired by icons

Im Mittelpunkt von ReVolt Guitar stehen drei klanglich unterschiedliche Kanäle, die von einem Fender® Bassman 100, einem Marshall® JMP Superlead und einem Soldano® SLO 100 inspiriert sind.



It's the epitome of a solid base sound; a sublime clean tone that produces a lush, saturated warmth when you crank up the gain. It has everything you'd expect from a vintage California tube amp from the early '70s.


It's not just a legendary sound, it's the sound of legends. When you think of Hendrix, Van Halen, Clapton, Young, you think of Plexi - period. It's punchy. It has a distinctive bite in the mids. It's versatile, giving you a veritable smorgasbord of tones, from fat, muted cleans to a guttural roar. In short, there's nothing this channel can't handle.


Is a fitting tribute to a preamp that redefines all expectations of a high-gain amplifier. Precise answer? Right. Rich in overtones? Correct. Sharp, perfectly balanced gain paired with rich sustain? Right. This is truly a "triple threat" for guitarists venturing into the hard rock and metal realms.

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ReVolt Guitar Key Features

  • 3-channel guitar amp simulator with pure analog signal path
  • A 12AX7 preamp tube driven at high voltage adds warmth and bite to your sound
  • Integrated OD boost circuit with dedicated switch and level control
  • Advanced Analog Cab Sim for seamless DI, whether in the studio or on stage
  • 4-cable mode, FX Loop and MIDI In/Out for effortless integration into existing setups
  • Rugged, portable design perfectly sized for pedalboards and fly rigs
  • Includes a lifetime license for GENOME, the last word in digital app and plugin-based sound shaping for forward-thinking musicians (VST/AU/AAX/Standalone)
  • Includes the ReVolt: Series-G DynIR Cabinet Collection (a $100/$ value) with 10 exquisite DynIR captures inspired by leading guitar amp brands

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Two notes ReVolt Guitar

3 channel guitar amp simulator