The F-SERIES from Lake People covers absolutely high-level audio products with outstanding features, best technical data and perfect craftsmanship.

MIC-AMP F311-D is a two-channel ultra-low noise microphone preamplifier with excellent audio performance and more than common features. Ideal for "on-loation" recording, bypassing insufficient mixing console preamps or " direct-to-tape" sessions.

Gain is settled with costly 12-step switches and so exactly reproducable and equal for both channels. The simple and cheap gain adjustment via potentiometers we leave to the competition. The amp is mains powered via a ISC/CEE socket with either 230 or 115 V AC (internally switchable). Take a look at ADC F444 to create a second-to-none compact recording device !



  • Electronically balanced inputs via XLR precise tap changer for adjusting the gain
  • 0 ... + 66 dB switchable in 12 steps à 6 dB
  • Switchable Lo-Cut, 12 dB / oct. with 70 Hz corner frequency Noise
  • -129 dB at 60 dB gain extremely broadband 5 Hz - 150 kHz
  • @ - 3dB 7-level level meter, -36 ... 0 dBr, internally calibrated
  • Electronically balanced outputs via XLR
  • Unbalanced outputs via RCA Phantom power 48 Volt switchable for 2 channels each