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Stereo headphone amplifier

The Lake People Phone-Amp G103-P MKII is a stereo headphone amplifier for recording and live sound. Unlike most comparable models, the overall gain can be changed using internal jumpers to better match the specific characteristics of the headphone. Thanks to this technique, this headphone amplifier is capable of handling almost all existing headphones from 8 ... 600 Ohm load impedance.

With its noise- and THD-optimized circuit layout, the G103-P MKII meets high quality demands.Despite its compact dimensions, the G103-P MKII offers optimal flexibility and high performance. Another important development goal was reliability even under harsh or inappropriate use conditions. Thus, the device is absolutely protected against long-term short-circuits. Furthermore, the G103-P MKII is equipped with filters that prevent overload caused by inaudibly low and high frequencies.

The housing of the G103-P MKII is made of black anodized aluminum, including the front and rear panels. This provides high mechanical stability and resistance to rough handling. The housing surfaces provide excellent electrical conductivity for optimal EMC characteristics.

Lake People G103-P MKII
Lake People G103-P MKII

The power connection is via a three-pin IEC/CEE socket and a matching three-wire power cable with a Central European power plug.The power cord may vary to meet the requirements of different markets. The unit is factory set to a mains voltage of 230 V AC.

The mains voltage can vary between 190 and 250 V AC without affecting proper operation. The built-in mains transformers provide the internal supply voltages of approximately +/- 25 V.


  • Balanced inputs via XLR
  • Alps potentiometer with good synchronization and low crosstalk
  • Powerful amplifier headphone amplifier
  • Made in Germany

Lake People G103-P MKII


Lake People G103-P MKII