The NBB-0202 transmits 2×2 audio signals bidirectionally into and out of the Dante audio network. It accepts a wide range of signals from MIC to LINE levels, while its output power meets the industry standard of up to 24 dBu. It is equipped with two RJ-45 Ethernet ports so that multiple NBB-0202s can be cascaded in a network connection (daisy chaining). Furthermore, it can be powered either via PoE from the Ethernet switch or via an external 48V power supply.

  • Dante-enabled networked Audio Receiver and Audio Transmitter
  • Streaming audio in robust standard Ethernet cable
  • Easily organize and expand network topology with Ethernet switches
  • Uncompressed 24-bit PCM coding with sample rate up to 96KHz
  • Two RJ-45 ports make Daisy-chain cascading feasible
  • Powered by either PoE or 48V adapter
  • Gain or Attenuate control for each channel
  • Phantom power engagement control per input channel
  • Signal clip indicators for both inputs
  • XLR Combo sockets for both XLR and TRS phone plugging
  • Routing and other configuration are set with Dante Controller software
  • Rackmount kit included

Audio routing between each NBB-0202 and all other Dante-enabled units is configured via a computer using the dedicated Dante Controller software, available free of charge from the Audinate website. With the Dante Virtual Soundcard software, you can even record/play stereo streaming audio directly from/to the NBB-0202 using your DAW software.

The NBB-0202's audio input and output interfaces fully meet the requirements of the professional audio industry. Audio signals are encoded/decoded using the latest uncompressed 24-bit PCM encoder/decoder with a sampling rate of 44.1 KHz, 48 KHz or 96 KHz. The outputs of the NBB-0202 are buffered with high-voltage amplifiers that can drive the lines at up to 24 dBu. In addition to the high drive capability, the output of the NBB-0202 can also be attenuated to cover the narrower receive range of the inputs of some semi-professional equipment. Both inputs of the NBB-0202 accept microphone or line-level signals, the gain and phantom power of which can be individually controlled. The NBB-0202 is also equipped with two clip indicators for both inputs, warning the sound engineer of signal overload on the inputs.

The NBB-0202 is housed in a robust metal enclosure with an elegant front panel. A rackmount kit is included, allowing you to mount the NBB-0202 in a standard 19″ rack.