DPA Microphones
4060 CORE Series

Lavalier Omnidirectional Microphone

Big sound - small footprint

  • Exceptional audio quality
  • Uniform, consistent sound between DPA mics
  • Extremely rugged and reliable
  • Diminutive size made for flexible and easy concealment
  • Large selection of clips, windscreens, grids and other accessories
  • Modular adapter system fits most professional wireless systems

This series contains the Lavalier 4060, 4061, 4062, 4063 and 4071 Omni Miniature Mics. Each version is tailored towards a specific application based on sensitivity, voltage and placement needs. They are all based on the original 4060; the very first miniature microphone developed by DPA from the best technology previously only used in hearing aids and measurement microphones. All of the mics in the series share important basic features, but each is optimized for particular applications.

The series was developed to withstand the toughest of conditions. They contain a 5.4 mm diameter pre-polarized condenser element with a vertical diaphragm. This unique, Double Vent Protection System makes the mics greatly resistant to humidity and sweat. These mics are also designed with a Kevlar-reinforced cable relief, which is built to withstand the constant twists, bends and pulls that are part of the everyday use in harsh environments.

The acoustic response of the 4060 Series can be modified by selecting the correct grid for the job. Two grids are supplied with each microphone (not the 4071, which includes a fixed grid). The pre-fitted Soft Boost Grid gives a 3 dB soft boost at 8-20 kHz. It should be used when the microphone is mounted on the performer’s head as well as in most other applications where you need a natural-sounding microphone.

When fitted, the High Boost Grid introduces a 10 dB soft boost around 12 kHz for applications where the microphones chest-placement is preferred. Both of these grids are made of anodized stainless steel, giving a tough and scratch resistant surface. They can be detached from the microphone and cleaned of sweat, makeup, etc.


4060 Miniature Omni Microphone, Normal SPL

This microphone is small in size, but mighty in flexibility. Due to its miniature size, it exhibits an exceptionally accurate omnidirectional pattern and therefore does not need to be aimed directly at the sound source to achieve quality pickup. The omnidirectional pattern also makes it less sensitive to handling noise as well as pop and wind noise.

We originally designed this microphone for use with wireless systems in theaters but today it is one of the most loved mics for television and film applications as well. It is especially suited for capturing speech in all of its nuances and can be used to close-mike a wide range of instruments. This microphone handles sound pressure levels up to 134 dB before clipping occurs. This mic is well suited for applications where the sound source is more remote or damped and you need to have a good balance signal versus noise.

This mic is available in four colors: black, brown, beige and white. An even more robust, heavy-duty version is also available.

DPA 4060

4061 Miniature Omni Microphone, Loud SPL

This microphone is acoustically identical to the 4060 Miniature Omnidirectional Microphone, Normal SPL, but its sensitivity is adjusted to accommodate higher sound pressure levels (SPLs).

The 4061 Miniature Omnidirectional Microphone, Loud SPL can handle SPL up to 144 dB peak before clipping, making it one of the best miniatures for use on very loud sound sources, such as some instruments and human voices.

In comparison, the 4061 is about 10 dB less sensitive than the 4060 and therefore works well when used for hidden applications, for example mounted on the head or forehead of a theater performer. In this placement, the sound pressure level is about 10 dB louder than what you encounter with chest placement (lapel microphone).

This mic is available in four colors: black, brown, beige and white. An even more robust, heavy-duty version is also available.

DPA 4061

4062 Miniature Omni Microphone, Extreme SPL

This microphone is comparable to the others in this series, but its sensitivity has been designed for extremely loud sound pressure levels. With the proper power supply, the microphone handles sound pressure levels up to 154 dB before clipping, making it an ideal choice for direct mic pickup of drums and wind instruments. The microphone is also the perfect choice for microphone pickup in the engine compartment of vehicles or directly in the exhaust pipe.
The 4062 Miniature Omnidirectional Microphone, Extreme SPL, is available in two colors: Black and Beige.
DPA 4062 Ferrari Microphone

4063 Miniature Omni Microphone, High SPL & Low Voltage

The 4063 Miniature Omnidirectional Microphone, Loud SPL & DC, is designed for use with transmitters with a bias voltage as low as 3V. Some transmitters reach only 3 V instead of the usual 5 V. In that case, the 4063 is the right choice for such transmitters.

In terms of acoustics, it is identical to the 4060 miniature omnidirectional microphone. However, its internal amplifier in the input stage operates at a lower supply voltage. With the right power supply, the microphone handles sound pressure levels up to 138 dB before overload.

The microphone is available in three colors: black, beige and white.

IP58 certified

All CORE by DPA technology microphones are IP58 certified. This durability is achieved through a number of defense mechanisms:

  • Water-repellant nano-coating of the cover and housing
  • Hermetic sealing of the sensitive amplifier at the core of the mic
  • Dual gold plating of the diaphragm

Adapter system gives you flexibility

The adapters for wireless systems give you flexible, simple and affordable possibilities when you choose the MicroDot termination and an adapter. You are no longer b’ound to one wireless system. As circumstances change, you can just switch your adapter, instead of incurring the cost of a completely new microphone. When you make the switch, you won't hear any loss or change in sound quality.

All the miniature microphones from DPA work with all leading wireless mic solutions, such as Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Wisycom, Zaxcom and many more. DPA Microphones’ ingenious adapter system is one of a kind in the industry. It protects your investment in fantastic sound for years to come.

DPA 4060 CORE Series


DPA 4060 CORE Series



DPA 6060/61 Omni Subminiature Mic

DPA 6060/61 Omni Subminiature Microphone

The 6060 / 6061 Subminiature Microphones are just 3 mm in size but pack the audio power of DPA's larger, award-winning DPA mics. What they lack in size, they more than make up for in clarity, consistency and durability – three qualities that really matter. By…
DPA 4071 Omni Mic, Presence Boost

DPA 4071 Omni Microphone, Presence Boost

The 4071 Miniature Omnidirectional Microphone, Presence Boost is a fantastic lavalier mic, which features a presence boost of typically 5 dB at 4 to 6 kHz. This is critical for a chest-placed microphone because the frequency range of the consonants spoken is…
DPA 4080 Cardioid Mic

DPA 4080 Cardioid Microphone

The 4080 Cardioid Lavalier captures the human voice with an unusually high degree of definition. This mic offers maximum side rejection and excellent sonic focus on the subject. It is designed for broadcast, conference and other live performances both in the…
DPA 4060 Microphone Kits

DPA 4060 Microphone Kits

DPA packaged the award-winning Miniature Microphones in special sets that include all the microphones and accessories you need to capture fantastic sound.Together with a huge assortment of complementary accessories, the Miniature Microphones are the ideal…


DPA MMA-A Digital Audio Interface

Flawless mobile audio The MMA-A Digital Audio Interface is a high-quality, dual-channel microphone preamplifier and A/D converter that captures crystal-clear audio via your favorite recording / broadcast apps. You’re on the run after some big news. You need…
SCM0032-B 2-Way Double Clip for Lavalier

SCM0032-B 2-Way Double Clip for Lavalier

For situations that need extra audio security, this flexible clip mounts two mics. This versatile, 2-way dual clip for our omnidirectional lavalier microphones allows you to mount two redundant mics in an upwards or downwards position.
DMM0003 Magnetic Holder

DMM0003 Magnetic Lavalier Holder

This holder uses a strong magnet for mounting a Miniature Microphone on a speaker. The Magnet Mount is supplied together with a small iron tag on an elastic necklace for placing inside clothes behind the magnet.
DMM0007 Universal Surface Mount

DMM0007 Universal Surface Mount

Universal Surface Mount is a soft rubber holder that can connect miniature microphones (4060 series) to numerous instruments, using a special non-marking adhesive. This allows the microphone to be placed at virtually any location on the musical instrument.
DUA6001 Miniature Grid

DUA6001 Miniature Grid for 4060/4066/4266

Softboost or Highboost - Grid für 4060 Series Lavalier and 4066/4266 Headset Microphone. When fitted the grids introduces a boost of 3dB in the range of 8-20 kHz resp. 10 dB at 12kHz.
DMM0021 Concealer for Lavalier

DMM0021 Concealer for Lavalier

A concealer for the 4060 Series Miniature Omnidirectional Microphones or the 4660 Heavy Duty Series. It features a separable construction; the top of the concealer can be separated from the base.
CM1610B00 MicroDot Extension Cable

CM1610B00 MicroDot Extension Cable

A MicroDot Extension Cable for any DPA miniature microphone. With this sturdy, reinforced cable, any DPA adapter for wireless systems can be used.

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