AVID offers an array of quality cabling options to ensure the fidelity of audio signals as they travel between the I/O components of your Pro Tools system. Uniquely designed for AVID gear, DigiSnakes are custom colored and labeled, feature a lifetime warranty, and are comprised of 110 ohm "digital grade" cable to accommodate either digital or analog signals. DigiSnakes make connecting your gear a quick, easy process, freeing you to spend your valuable time on your audio projects rather than the wires they travel across. Typically used for communication between any two standard DB25-equipped devices (e.g., PRE out to 192 I/O analog in).

Cannot be used for AES/EBU or TDIF digital dubbing. For TDIF dubbing, use the TDIF DigiSnake. For AES/EBU digital dubbing, use two AES/EBU DigiSnakes, connected end to end (XLR to XLR)


  • DB25 to DB25, standard wiring
  • White jackets on both ends.
  • Available lengths: 4' = 1.2m, 12' = 3.6 m, 25' = 7.5m