AVID Sibelius 8.1.1 Update

Änderungen und Verbesserungen in Sibelius 8.1.1

This update fixes a problem where it took a long time to open the File > Export tab, and where it was slow to enter text into file name and path fields.

Scrolling and zooming using multi-touch gestures is improved and is generally smoother, allowing you to navigate the score more easily. If you find the scrolling is still a little juttery, you can turn off Textures by going to File > Preferences and choosing Textures on the left. Click the Color buttons for each Paper and Desk and click OK. This will mean Sibelius doesn't load a background texture and will make scrolling even smoother.

Um das Update zu beziehen musst Du Dich an Deinem AVID-Masterkonto anmelden.