inhale the lightness and freshness of helium

Helium is a unique blend of tranquil downtempo and atmospheric sounds, combining acoustic warmth with electronic chill. With just a touch, you can effortlessly transition from dreamy synths to smooth, organic textures, from dulcet plucks to gentle leads.

inhale the lightness and freshness of helium

unlock the full potential of your mpe instrument.

Expressive E designs all expansions with a unique approach to multi-dimensional sound layering that allows you to push the boundaries of your electronic instruments and intuitively shape your sonic textures. This new generation of controllers opens up endless possibilities for expressing your sound, creating an unprecedented experience of true interaction with your music. Each preset has been carefully designed to respond to the slightest touch, giving you access to the untapped expressive potential of your electronic instruments.

fully compatible with Touché

Helium is designed specifically for the Touché ecosystem and can be loaded into Lié. It offers innovative sounds that redefine your sonic universe.

if you buy touché or touché se until november 30, 2021, we will give you the sound expansion helium worth chf 49. register your device, upload a copy of your invoice and we will send you the helium activation code.

free with every touché and touché se in november 2021