Sibelius 8.1 Now Available – What’s New



Rests now intelligently avoid notes when writing in multiple voices, and group with each other in a beam-group and/or bar. This feature includes new options in Engraving Rules to allow you to choose how rests are moved and grouped together. These options are on in all new scores and off when opening older scores. To find these new settings, have a look in the new Rests section of Engraving Rules.

MP3 Export

Sibelius 8.1 adds the ability to export directly to MP3, removing the need to convert exported audio in another application. As you may know, there are licensing costs when converting to MP3, which we are covering for you.

Nth time ending lines

First, second and third time ending lines are now placed correctly by default.

Fixes to pinch/stretch and scroll using the trackpad on Mac

We've made further improvements to the way two-finger scrolling and pinch zoom are handled on Mac trackpads. In particular, users of Sibelius 8.0.1 will be aware that scrolling on a Mac was troublesome. This is now vastly improved in Sibelius 8.1.

Official El Capitan support

Sibelius is now officially supported on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 and higher.

Google Breakpad

In the event of a crash, Sibelius now offers to upload a report to our servers which is then collated amongst other reports to help guide our efforts in improving Sibelius' stability. All information sent is anonymous.

Further miscellaneous fixes and improvements

  • Sibelius no longer displays an error when using Share > Send using email
  • Many dialogs now aren't stretched on El Capitan
  • "This package is incompatible with this version of OS X" no longer appears when attempting to install the licence server on El Capitan
  • Reduce plug-in now doesn’t degrade to being much slower on subsequent uses
  • A problem where Sibelius would leak file handles is fixed
  • Spaces were missing from the German tutorials
  • Keypad button highlight logic now behaves properly after using the Transformation plug-ins
  • We've added a new "add11" chord to the Chords library
  • All characters in the news feed now display correctly

Sibelius 8.1 also includes several fixes to the most common crashes, which include:

  • generating thumbnail score previews in the Quick Start
  • 'RTTI access violation error' after closing a score, when the Quick Start is disabled
  • crash when quitting Sibelius on El Capitan (mainly fixed by Apple in 10.11.2 and later)
  • using the Explode plug-in in conjunction with Undo operations
  • when adjusting the color parameters of graphics

To get the upgrade, simply open AVID Application Manager and you should get a prompt to download the upgrade. Your downloads will have already been updated in your AVID account too, which you can find at