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Mit Wavetool kannst Du schnell Mikrofone mit Störungen, niedrigem Akkustand oder keinem Signal ausfindig machen. Bewege Dich frei auf der Bühne mit der Unterstützung der Wavetool RemoteApp. Wavetool hat die Werkzeuge für das Soundteam in einer Anwendung zusammengefasst. Der SCP-Algorithmus hilft Dir, seltsame Nebengeräusche in Deinen Signalquellen zu finden, bevor sie im Mix zu hören sind.


With Wavetool you can quickly find microphones with problems, low battery or no signal. Walk freely around the stage while streaming to your iOS device with the Wavetool Remote app.  Wavetool has the tools for the soundteam gathered in one application. The SCP algorithm helps you find weird noises in your sources before they can be heard in the mix.


Wavetool FEATURES!

  • Intuitive audio source and wireless mic monitoring
  • Ultra Low Software Latency (starting at 1,3ms @96kHz & 2,6ms @48kHz)
  • Free OS X and iOS remote.  And YES it is possible to control Wavetool Pro without the extra Clients plugin.  
  • Audio streaming over WiFi to iOS app remote controls
  • Snap, Crackle & Pop algorithm catches broken mics before you do
  • Freely configurable Channel I/O and input patch
  • Channel View window with 2 min history of audio level and both RF antennas. Also Player profile with picture and notes
  • Alerts for peaks, SCP, silence, wireless receiver battery and low RF with adjustable thresholds.
  • Alert Log written to text file
  • Lock application for privacy
  • Channel groups with adjustable colors


  • Beyerdynamic
    • TG1000 (New)
  • Lectrosonics
    • Venue 2
  • Sennheiser
    • EM3732-II, G3, G4 (New), 2000, D6000 
    • EM3532, EM1046, please check documentation .
  • Shure
    • ULXD, UHF-R, Axient and Axient Digital
  • Sony
    • DWX
  • Wisycom
    • MRK-950 / MRK-960
  • More receivers coming soon!