RME - Digiface AVB and M-32 Pro AVB Series now shipping

Digiface AVB  
256-Channel 192 kHz USB Audio Interface 

The Digiface AVB mobile audio interface is based on the AVB standard (Audio Video Bridging) and enables the transmission of up to 256 network audio channels between a Windows computer and other AVB devices within an audio Gigabit network via a single USB 3.0 cable. Read more about Digiface AVB

M-32 Pro AVB Series
32-Channel 192 kHz High-End Format Converter

The series includes the M-32 AD Pro and M-32 DA Pro, two high-end, 32-channel 192 kHz converters that meet the requirements of today's productions and installations that require high analog channel counts. Read more about M-32 Pro AD or M-32 Pro DA AVB Series