Apogee introduces New Symphony I/O MKII 2x6 SE

Apogee has announced the availability of Symphony I/O MkII 2x6 SE - the best Apogee converter in their 30+ year history and measurably the best converter ever released. 2x6 SE is designed for the audio purist who is looking for the absolute best sound on earth - whether it’s for mastering, hi-fi, tracking or mixing. 


  • Symphony I/O 2x6 SE Thunderbolt
  • Symphony I/O 2x6 SE PTHD
  • Symphony I/O 2x6 SE Module only


  • Highest Quality Apogee AD/DA converter
  • A/D = 124dB (A) dynamic range, -116dB THD+N
  • D/A = 131dB (A) dynamic range, -118dB THD+N
  • 2 analog line-level inputs via XLR
  • 6 analog line-level outputs via DB-25
  • Fully trimmable analog input and output
  • 2 channels of AES/EBU I/O via XLR
  • Optical I/O - supports ADAT, SMUX, and S/PDIF:
  • ADAT - eight channels; 44.1kHz-48kHz on one TOSlink connector
  • SMUX - four channels; 88.2kHz-96kHz on one TOSlink connector
  • S/PDIF - two channels; up to 96kHz on one TOSlink connector
  • S/PDIF Coaxial I/O - 2 channels; up to 192kHz via RCA connector