Dante-I/O Interface Expander for NB-1616, featuring 16 x Mic/Line Input (XLR) und 16x Line out (XLR), 19" Unit


  • 16 x 16 fully digitized Break-in/Break-out box
  • Dante-enabled networked breakbox or stagebox
  • Streaming audio in robust standard Ethernet cable (a.k.a., Digital Snake)
  • Support Layer 3 of IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard, which means
  • Streaming through Layer-3 Ethernet switch is feasible
  • Easily organize network topology with regular Ethernet switch
  • Redundant networking mode for fault tolerant audio distribution, or
  • Daisy-chain networking mode for easy coverage extending
  • Audio routing can be set by Dante-enabled audio console, or
  • Dedicated Dante Controller software for Windows and Mac OS
  • 24-bit PCM coding with sample rate up to 192KHz
  • PPM meter with clip hold for input/output level monitoring
  • Option to double channel capacity with a expansion box
  • AES3 Digital I/O expansion box available on request