Guitar Pedal

TRS angled <> TRS angled

The patch cords use the MOGAMI 2524 instrument cable and feature an inner conductor construction of 50 single wires, which guarantees highest flexibility and durability. The used high purity copper (OFC) guarantees highest signal fidelity.

The extremely dense spiral shielding and an extra shielding made of carbon PVC effectively prevent electromagnetic interference and mechanical noise. The narrow Amphenol Audio 6.3 mm angled jack plugs provide a safe place on the effect board.

The Pro patch cable uses the HIGH-END guitar cable Mogami 3368. The coaxial construction of high-purity copper (OFC) as signal conductor, the two shields of carbon PVC, the elaborate crosslinked PE insulation and the extremely dense spiral shield make the pedal patch cable the first choice for your pedal cabling.

The most accurate signal transmission

The extremely low capacitance of only 70 pF/m and the coaxial construction with selected dielectrics guarantee an absolutely clear and undistorted signal transmission that is second to none. At the same time, the specially developed braided shield makes the cable flexible, robust and resistant to microphonics, so that you can hear your instrument as it really sounds, not only in the studio but also on stage - without signal loss or influence of the cable!

This means that every nuance of the signal is transmitted absolutely colouration-free, without electromagnetic interference or mechanical noise affecting the feel and sound. Assembled with Neutrik NP2RX-B right-angle plugs, the patch cable fits perfectly into your effects board, not only in terms of space but also visually.

Lengths available: 0.25 m and 0.45 m


Guitar Pedal PATCHCORD