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iZotope RX 7

The Industry Standard for Audio Repair

RX 7 wurde speziell für die anspruchsvollen Bedürfnisse von Musik- und Postprofis entwickelt und ist nach wie vor das branchenübliche Audio-Reparaturwerkzeug, das in Filmen und Fernsehsendungen verwendet wird, um beschädigtes, verrauschtes Audiomaterial in einen makellosen Zustand zu versetzen. Sie haben die volle Kontrolle über Ihr Audiomaterial, egal ob es sich um die Isolierung von Gesang, die Neugewichtung von Mixelementen oder die Änderung der Tonfallreflexion im gesprochenen Dialog handelt.

The new frontier

RX has been on the forefront of innovation in audio repair since it was first released in 2007. With RX 7, we've added the latest in machine learning technology, giving you the power to rebalance mix elements, strip away reverb, automatically repair issues, and more.

RX 7 introduces new features and workflows that allow you to easily edit, repair, and restore musical performances. Thanks to innovations in source separation and machine learning, you can now independently rebalance the levels of vocals, bass, percussion, and other instruments in a song, and even remove or isolate the vocals.

Many of the world’s largest post production and broadcast facilities rely on RX to repair and enhance audio for a few simple reasons: it’s easy to use and gets professional results quickly, saving time and money.

Get full control over your audio, whether it’s isolating dialogue, reshaping dialogue performances, removing dialogue reverb, or isolating musical elements without the stems, and all in multichannel up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2.

Introducing the RX family

Designed to meet the budget and needs of musicians and post production professionals—at home, in the studio, or in a post production facility—RX 7 is now available in four versions.

Complete Audio Repair with RX7 Standard

It's easier than ever to repair the issues that plague your music performances and post production audio with RX 7 Standard. Never worry again about unwanted noise, mic bleed, hum, squeaks, sibilance, plosives, or breaths.

Fix your audio faster with Repair Assistant, which analyzes your audio and provides solutions to correct the most common issues. New to RX 7 Standard, Music Rebalance gives you even more control of your mixes by intelligently identifying four musical elements-vocals, bass, percussion, and other instruments-and allowing you to rebalance the levels of each one.

Professional Complete Audio Repair with RX7 Advanced

Get the audio repair tool trusted by top engineers on countless albums, movies, and TV shows. Restore damaged, noisy audio to pristine condition by isolating dialogue, removing clicks, eliminating mic bleed, and more. RX 7 Advanced gives you full control over your audio, whether it's reshaping the intonation of dialogue or editing immersive multi-channel recordings. Repair Assistant makes solving your most common audio issues faster than ever. Version 7 also features Music Rebalance, a powerful tool that intelligently identifies vocals, bass, percussion, and other instruments in a mix and allows you to rebalance the levels of each individually.


RX Post Production Suite 3 is a comprehensive post production toolkit providing intelligent and powerful software solutions for everything from dialogue editing to mixing and delivery. Included are RX 7 Advanced, Neutron 2 Advanced, RX Loudness Control, Insight 2, and bonus materials from Pro Sound Effects and Groove3 video training.

RX Elements includes a standalone audio editor with spectral editing as well as four essential, real-time noise reduction plug-ins to fix clipping, hums, clicks, and unwanted background noise. New to version 7, Repair Assistant analyzes your audio and provides solutions to quickly correct the most common issues.


Windows: 7-10

Mac: OS X 10.8.5 - 10.13

Plug-in Formats: AAX (64-bit), Audiosuite DPM, Audio Unit (32-bit and 64-bit), RTAS (32-bit), VST 2 (32-bit and 64-bit), and VST 3 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Supported Plug-in Hosts: Ableton Live 9-10, Adobe Audition CC 2018 and Premiere Pro CC 2018, Apple Logic Pro X, Apple Final Cut Pro X, AVID Media Composer 2018, Pro Tools 10-2018, Cockos Reaper 5, Presonus Studio One 4, Steinberg Cubase 9.5 and Nuendo 7