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d:facto 4018VL Linear Vocal Mic with Wireless-Adapter

This extremely linear version of the d:facto Vocal Microphone is engineered specifically for audio engineers who prefer setting their own unique impression on the final sound.

Just like the d:facto Vocal Microphone, which has a high-end boost, it captures electrifying performances and accurately replicates a singer's voice transparently, consistently and thrillingly. The only difference is the removal of the high-end boost. The mic is optimized for use in sound reinforcement as well as recording applications. It offers natural sound, high separation from nearby sound sources and SPL handling up to 160 dB.

The modular nature of the d:facto series allows you to switch both the capsule as well as the adapter.

The d:facto Supercardioid Capsule features an isolation-optimized supercardioid polar pattern. It is specifically designed to enhance the human vocal range. It uses directional characteristic from the best of two worlds - both cardioid and supercardioid patterns. The supercardioid front lobe ensures complete focus on the sound source, while the back lobe, which is smaller than on a normal supercardioid, ensures there is minimum bleed. The capsule's directional pattern and definition gives high separation and true sound clarity onstage making it ideal for PA amplification and recording. Frequency response and phase, both on- and off-axis, are linear. You can remove the capsule and replace it with any other d:factoT capsule if your needs change.

The mic also features a robust three-stage pop protection grid built into the microphone removes unwanted noise.

Although, the d:facto Vocal Microphone is the perfect choice to use with your favorite wireless system, it is not necessarily set to be a wireless mic. The adapter can be replaced with the d:facto Handle for a wired solution.


  • SL1 (Shure/Sony/Lectrosonics)
  • W12 (Wisycom)
  • SE2-ew (Sennheiser 2000/9000 / evolution wireless)
  • SE5 (Sennheiser 5200)