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d:dicate 4091 Omni Mic, Loud SPL, P48

A high-quality omnidirectional condenser microphone. Due to its uniquely natural and open sound, the d:dicate 4091 Omnidirectional Microphone, Lo-Sens, P48 is suitable for instrument-miking applications in the studio or on the stage.

With 144 dB SPL handling, this microphone can meet just about any challenge including miking an electric guitar amp.

It is also an excellent microphone for use with percussion instruments, the d:screet 4091 Omnidirectional Microphone, Lo-Sens, P48 is also a great choice for wind and string instruments. Due to their remarkably linear frequency response in the 20 Hz to 20 kHz range, sound system engineers can also use these mics for sound system alignment, testing and tuning.

The rugged and compact design features a 5.4 mm diameter pre-polarized condenser capsule in a tapered body measuring just 12 cm.