Compose, play, share, and print pro-quality sheet music with the world's best-selling music notation software

Sibelius Software Perpetual License (Download)

  • Sibelius software
  • Sound library—10 GB of professional-quality samples
  • Additional software—AudioScore Lite audio transcribing software, PhotoScore and NotateMe Lite music scanning and handwriting recognition software
  • Support—Sibelius Software Updates + Support Plan, which includes access to all new product updates and Standard Support (renewable annually if you purchase a Perpetual License)

Compose rich scores with up to 16 instrument parts with Sibelius.

  • Create bigger scores with up to 16 parts
  • Mark up your scores with musical symbols and lines
  • Hear your music with the high-quality 10 GB sound library
  • Share up to 20 scores online with Sibelius | Cloud Sharing
  • Get access to all new releases and Standard support throughout your subscription

Experience the easiest way to write music

Whether you’re composing for a live performance, for picture, or for fun, nothing empowers you to write music like Sibelius (formerly the "paid" version of Sibelius | First—learn more) provides the core tools you need to create professional-quality scores easily. The software offers unique features that drive your creativity, make you sound better, and enable you to compose beautifully rendered scores quickly.

Share scores with anyone, anywhere

With Sibelius | Cloud Sharing, you can share scores to your own personal cloud space, or embed scores in a webpage, and invite anyone to flip through pages and play your compositions using any computer, laptop, or mobile device.

 Streamline your workflow

Sibelius enables composers to connect with others in more powerful, efficient, and profitable ways. It seamlessly integrates into any media production workflow, including Pro Tools, to compose music for picture easily. And easily deliver scores to music publishers for worldwide sale.

Get the tools you need—your way

Sibelius is now available in more ways than ever, making it easy for anyone to write music. Compose, edit, print, and share scores with Sibelius. Work with more advanced notation, arranging, engraving, and layout tools with Sibelius | Ultimate (formerly Sibelius). Or get started with Sibelius | First, a free new version of Sibelius.