Pro Tools | Sync X

Synchronizer for music and audio post-production

Keep your Pro Tools system and connected devices in sync and running smoothly - no matter how complex your setup. Pro Tools | Sync X serves as the backbone of any audio post or large-scale music production, providing reliable low-jitter clocking, near sample-accurate lock, and precise frame-edge alignment. It supports all industry-standard clock sources, pull-up/down rates, timecode rates, and HD/SD formats. The integrated video reference signal generator enables direct locking of video peripherals, optimizing your production environment.

AVID Pro Tools | Sync X

The ultimate synchronizer for post production

Sync X is the foundation of modern audio post-production, providing near-sample-accurate frame edge alignment between video and audio. Utilizing patented DigiSerial Port technology connected to Pro Tools | HDX or HD Native, it enables precise synchronization between the audio sample position and the video frame edge. In multi-operator mixing environments, where dialogue, music, and sound effects are handled by separate systems, this means that all your audio and video devices are synchronized and play exactly where you intended. Every time you press play or record.

Your video reference and clocking command center

With its built-in video reference generator and support for all industry-standard clock references, video references, pull-up/down rates, and HD/SD formats for film and TV, Sync X is the ideal central reference device for synchronizing your entire studio. No external video reference generator is needed. Plus, everything can be configured and controlled directly from within Pro Tools.
AVID Pro Tools | Sync X

impeccable sound quality

If you're working in the studio and other demanding recording situations where pristine sound is a must, Sync X can easily interface to the ultra-precise atomic master clocks used in such environments via its 10 MHz clock input. In addition, its high-precision, exceptionally low-jitter clock preserves the quality of your signals for pristine audio recording and playback.

Extremely reliable and accurate

Designed to perform in the most critical environments, Sync X delivers the frame edge sync you need with unwavering accuracy. Thanks to the temperature-compensated oscillator that remains constant even when the temperature fluctuates, you can use the Sync X with other devices without fear of it drifting through the heat.
AVID Pro Tools | Sync X


  • Loop Sync I/O
  • Word Clock I/O (1 in, 6 outs)
  • 10 MHz Clock in
  • AES3 and AES3id I/O
  • GPIO, Bi-Phase/Tach in, Pilot in
  • LTC I/O
  • MTC out
  • 9-pin (for machine control)
  • Video Reference Generator (4 outs)
  • Video Reference I/O (1 in, 2 outs)
  • Host Serial port
AVID Pro Tools | Sync X


Sync X can be easily clocked to high-end Atom master clocks via its 10 MHz clock input. In environments that require long cable runs, such as large post-production facilities, you can send or receive AES3 or AES3id signals to supported devices, giving you more flexibility.



Pro Tools Sync X