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Distribution System

MusicNetwork distribution system

As of January 1st 2013 MusicNetwork AG has created a new distribution system. Starting from this date, MusicNetwork AG will introduce a selective distribution system. We want to ensure that the increasingly complex and high quality products from our distribution run through an appropriately professional and qualified channel. To this end, the range of business partners of MusicNetwork AG will be divided into two categories - on the one hand Pro dealers, on the other hand standard retailers.

1. Pro dealer

Our Pro dealers are music specialist retailers  and run a shop and a webshop to sell professional audio software and hardware products . If required services like support and consulting could be provided.
To offer the best customer services and achieve the highest customer satisfaction, our Pro dealers employ trained personnel that conclude qualified sales of products distributed by MusicNetwork AG. Pro dealers have to present a representative minimum selection of Pro products in their stores and stock.

2. Requirements concerning sales rooms

Pro dealers need to have a suitable store, a proper presentation of the Pro product range, stock holding and sales staff trained by MusicNetwork AG to be.
Pro dealers must also offer a purchase option via Internet. The identity of the Pro dealer and the location of the store must be visible in the webshop.

3. Base requirements for Pro dealers

To fulfill the new pro dealer status the following requirements will be evaluated:

Distribution efforts

  • resale on horizontal level
  • infrastructure of salesroom
  • organisation of the company
  • product promotion

Point of sales

  • premises
  • accessibility
  • demonstration possibilities
  • product presentation
  • online store


  • professional competence
  • sales comportment
  • appearance
  • know how transfer


  • minimum selection
  • inventory
  • delivery time

Customer service

  • repairs receipt
  • shipping mode
  • warranty conditions
  • support

The staff of a Pro dealer must be trained regularly by MusicNetwork AG

4. Selective distribution system

MusicNetwork AG distributes ist products via a selective distribution system. Within this distribution system there are several objective and qualitative requirements to be fullfilled. By implenting the base requirements 1 – 3 a  retailer can be qualified as a Pro dealer. Applications for Pro dealer status may be submitted twice a year. Due dates are January 1st and July 1st.
A dealer will not be qualified as a Pro dealer, If he does not fulfill the base requirements mentioned above or does not fulfill the contract terms of MusicNetwork AG. In this case the dealer will be qualified as Standard retailer.

5. Pro Products

MusicNetwork AG has removed some cross-brand sales products from the standard range and classified them as Pro products. The appointed Pro dealers will receive the exclusive opportunity to sell these Pro products. The Pro products are not available for standard retailers. Pro products concern only articles that require a professional sales channel.

6. What's the difference between Pro and Standard dealers?

The appointed Pro dealers will receive the exclusive opportunity to sell the Pro products. The Pro products are not available with discount for standard retailers.

7. Retailer application

If you want to sell products distributed by MusicNetwork AG in Switzerland, you need to pay attention to the following requirements:

  • You are a legal person with an active entry in the commercial register.
  • Your company is based in Switzerland.
  • Your company’s verifiable purpose is trading with products or groups of products that correspond with the products distributed by MusicNetwork AG.

Download the retailer application from the bottom of the page.

Download the pro retailer applictaion from the bottom of the page.

Your application will activate a case, which has to be processed by several instances. If you don’t receive a confirmation within two days, please contact us via Kontakt contact form.

8. For Non-retailers

All non trading customers cannot became a retailer – neither Pro dealer nor Standard dealer. These customers, e.g. hirer, technical firms and broadcast companies, will be possibly offered a special agreement.